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karen j
05-31-2012, 01:52 AM
hello everyone im new to the site and iv had sle lupus for about 15-20 yrs (lost track of time ) and have been takin prednisilone and plaquenil and painkillers all this time .Im just gettin over a flare up i think it was the lupus wot caused it but at the moment no-one knows as im waitin to go have a mri scan. It started with me gettin wot i thought was a cold then turned into wot i also thought was a kidney infection which it turned out i did have one this cleared but then i got a pricking sensation all over my body and nxt day this went but then it turned into a burning sensation allover this also cleared. Pain in my back and side was unbelievable kept havin 2 go to doctors for painkillers and gave me 2 courses of antibiotics this cleared but then i was left with no taste or smell and a sore feeling around my stomach also right leg went numb from groin downwards and part of my left leg also the doctors said this was all to do with my nerve endings the numbness is just in my knees now and everything else seems fine except for my taste and smell this still hasnt returned im still waiting for my mri scan we even went private to see the consultant to get seen to earlier but this hasnt made any difference iv been waitin about 5 weeks now and they put on my records that that they wanted the mri done asap im just glad ifeel better than i did but i guess il just have to wait for my mri to find out wots gone on anyway enough about me hope everyones having a good day :)

05-31-2012, 04:36 AM
Oh gracious...
Im sorry you had a rough way to go recently but I'm glad you're feeling better!
I'm new to the site, as well.
Welcome to WHL!