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05-19-2006, 09:23 AM
Good Morning,

I found this site this morning. Since the beginning of March I have had a rash twice that lasted about a week, week and a half each time. The second time it was everywhere, chest, abdomin, arms, legs, etc. When I had that rash I also had redness across my cheeks and nose. I went to my doctor because I had not changed anything (laundry soap, lotions, etc) and it didn't itch. She ordered blood work to test thyroid, full chem panel and for autoimmune disorders. I am from a small midwestern town and there are a LOT of women with autoimmune disorders, most of them are Lupus. I live in New Mexico now.

Anyway, I talked to the doctors office this morning and the ANA came back positive at 1:40. They explained that there are lots of people who come back positive and it never develops into anything and they want to retest in 6 months unless I become really symptomatic. I am worried and I know that the next 6 months will make me crazy. I like to have answers, because then I can deal with stuff. I had 2 aneurysms clipped in 1999 (I was only 24 then) and I dealt with that by just confronting it head on. So with this, I want to know.

They asked if I had other symptoms, and I do, but of course they can be contributed to other things. I've been EXTREMELY exhausted for quite a while. But I could always say I've been doing a lot. I called my fiance' after I talked to the doctor and he said that he had noticed me being more tired than usual and that I haven't been that busy. I have muscle and bone/joint aches. But I'm a tad overweight so I've always contributed it to that. I have been losing a lot of hair recently, too. When the rash went away, it left really dry, flaky skin behind.

To say I'm a tad freaked out would be an understatement. I'm mainly freaked out because I don't KNOW. If I knew, one way or another, I could deal with it. My doctor is a gyno, so I would need a specialist if this advances or whatever.

My question is, what has other people's diagnosis experience been? SHould I bypass my doctor and find a rheumatologist or dermatologist or what?

Thanks everyone for your help.

05-19-2006, 12:28 PM
I think we can all relate to the not knowing driving you nuts. But it takes a lot of patience as Lupus IS hard to diagnose and other stuff has to be ruled out or tested for. But I do have a question, um why are you seeing a gyno for this stuff? Do you have a primary dr? Cause that would be who I would start with. In my opinion, and it really is my opinion, seeing a gyno for autoimmune stuff is kinding of like seeing a mechanic for a car wash. They both work on cars but totally different way. Same with drs, there are lots out there that work on humans but that doesn't mean they are right for you or for that part of your body. So if I were in your position I'd start by finding a primary, and in my case it's an internist. As she says, I can treat it all LOL but she does send me to other drs when it's out of her realm.
{{{HUG}}} I know it's hard not to think about it all the time and worry and wonder but you really won't do yourself any good if you stress over it cause stress and sunlight are a lupies worst enemies. So I guess my advice is find a different dr to start with and take a copy of all of your labs and tests when you go. Make a list of your symptoms so you have it all written down and don't forget something. Good luck and welcome aboard. :)

05-19-2006, 01:54 PM
I went to my primary care physician for this. Her emphasis was in gyno stuff. She's not actually an ObGyn, she just tends to focus on women stuff. So that's why I was seeing her, she's my primary. I have a call into a local Lupus group for a recommendation on a physician. The doctors in New Mexico can be hard to come by in some specialties, that's why I have a call in to them.

Thanks for the help.

05-20-2006, 03:22 PM
I would agree with TracyDawn. When I moved and was looking for a a new primary care doctor, I found a HUGE difference in Family Physicians and Internists. Just something to consider.......plus, I saw a Rheumy a long time ago, because years before I was dx with Lupus, somebody thought I had Sjogren's. It was really helpful, because he was able to tell me I didn't have Sjogren's, but knew me and my situation when I was diagnosed with Lupus later.