View Full Version : Possible Infection and UTI and Addison's Symptoms..scared...help!

05-25-2012, 07:25 AM
So for the past week I have had symptoms of what seemed to be a sinusitis. My daughter is being treated for it currently and so I think I got it from her. My rheumy also said my last labs looked ok but that I had some bacteria in my urine so if I was having any symptoms I should see my PCP and get a culture done. I also had some spotting yesterday once(I stopped having a cycle a month ago although i'm not sure if it's from the adrenal issues or my IUD birth control,etc. I had the bacteria issue in my urine happen to me a couple weeks ago and had all this wrong with my urine(i posted on here about it)and then i got the culture and the protein level had gone down to 1+, the bacteria had lessened and the rest of everything was normal again. I had never taken any meds so it was left alone. Anyway, I've also been having adrenal issues(posted about that a few times too)and I've read all about it and the Addisonian crisis potential which can be brought on by stresses like infection, environmental triggers and emotional upset, etc.

My PCP's office can't get me in for evaluation until June 5th because I switched primary's since the last one didn't seem to be too into patient care/bedside manner and just kind of told you what he thought it was and prescribed whatever for it and sent you on your way. I've been having low grade temps in the 99s, rashes, ...wow talk about brain fog, i am sitting here staring at the word rashes and it looks like it spelled wrong the longer i re-read it lol....ugh.....ANYWAY....temps, rash, loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, fog, joint and body ache, burning pain, shakiness, nausea, headache and some dizziness, just a really off kind of feeling....yesterday i also had some chest pain and one short episode of tachycardia along with a short-lived sweat i broke out into. i'm just not sure what to do since I can't get in to see my PCP and I figure if I have to go to the ER they aren't gonna know much about my potential adrenal insufficiency....i don't want to wait it out because adrenal crisis scares me. I am currently on 10mg of pred because being on 7.5mg wasn't enough. My cortisol was still very low even though that is the physiologic dose. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry if I confused anyone with this post, my fogginess is confusing me and I kind of feel jumbled so I'm not sure if all this came out right! lol

Hope you all are well.


05-25-2012, 08:17 AM
Adrenal issues can happen if steroids are lowered too quickly. Not sure if you were lowering but, if so, this could be why you are having this issue. If you were on a higher dose of steroids and have been tapering you might want to tell them that if you go to the ER. It will explain everything.

05-27-2012, 01:09 PM
I was not on a taper....I had tapered quite some time ago and the low cortisol was found so my rheumy put me back on 7.5mg of pred...i had been on that for a while and i believe it was because my lupus was flaring and the stress of my sons eye surgery i was dealing with that made the cortisol drop again...so that's when she uped it to 10mg and i've been on that ever since mid April...so the reason i was stressing is because i don't want the infection,etc to cause another drop in cortisol...

I ended up going yesterday to the emergency care center instead of the ER at the hospital just because I knew it'd be quicker. My bp was elevated 139/76 compared to my usual 90s-100/60. Being 5'3 and 96lbs I imagine that is a bit elevated anyway. I have sinusitis and bronchitis. They did a urine but didn't really see any bacteria. The doc gave me Cipro to treat all 3 just in case at 500mg 2x/day. They also had to irrigate my ears(It was gross and so weird feeling!)due to wax buildup and afterwards noticed my ears had fluid behind them. I love how Cipro causes you to be more sun sensitive :/ *raises eyebrow* ...as if the other meds I take daily with their extra sun sensitivity and my photosensitivities are not enough lol I know one thing I've been having a lot more joint pain and stuff but I guess it's from being sick. I didn't sleep very well last night either. I've been in good spirits but physically haven't felt well. I still had a pretty good weekend though :) I hope you all are feeling well today and thanks for the thoughts and posts :)

-Lupie LadyBug

P.S. I did not get the doc to do an adrenal function test on me....I figured I'd just get this out of the way and see how I feel after the infection clears up since by then I'll have my appt with the Endo and get the ball rolling on that issue.