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05-21-2012, 09:18 AM
Will it ever end? Yesterday started out innocent enough. In the afternoon I went over to Mom's (RIP MOM) where daughter and idiot hubby are currently living thanks to my good graces. I went there to get some stuff out of the shed. While I was there, I basically got trapped so I called hubby to dig me out. I got out before he arrived but since he was there I asked him to do a walk around of the house to see what, if any, repairs need to be made. Well daughter comes out on the deck and starts freaking out about her father being there and he was trespassing WTF??? YOUR'S TRULY OWNS THAT PROPERTY NOT DAUGHTER. Of course idiot hubby comes outside bouncing around like a hampster on acid and shooting his mouth off. Threatened to call the police which I wish he had because I would have had HIM arrested. My hubby, kept his cool, bless his heart and informed him that the property belongs to ME (hubby's lovely wife!) and hush. I told him to shut up, just shut up (idiot, not my hubby). They are moving out next week. Moving in with his parents. More power to them. Daughter texted me later and apologized. I accepted it and suggested we get together and talk. So I picked her up and she proceeded to go off on me about her father. Over and over and over. I never lost my cool although I really did want to turn her over my knee and spank her behind! I did tell her that we've discussed that issue already and move on. Her response was that she was going to keep repeating it until I understood. MY response was: "who determines when I understand?" no reply. However I am being greedy all because I won't GIVE her Mom's car. Seriously, this all started because I won't GIVE her Mom's 2009 Ford Focus. Mind you, she drove the car for 7 months and in that time caused a couple thousand dollars worht of body damage to what was a pristine perfect car. NO RESPECT. So she says I'M greedy and selfish. After paying for her cell phone, providing her with a home for her and her roommates after they got kicked out of their apartment, providing her with health insurance for her pregnancy even though she is married, giving her Mom's wedding rings because idiot can go out and buy a HUGE pickup truck but can't get her a simple ring and much more assistance out of the kindness of my heart but I'M the greedy selfish one. ????? They are moving out next week and because the electric bill is in MY name, I'll be stuck with their $100 electric bill (will arrange a payment schedule with electric company) on top of still having to settle Mom's "estate" i.e. double wide mobile home and a bunch of model trains and collectible dolls. The house is going to be sold as a fixer upper as I don't have the capital to get it up to fabulous and not the great credit to get a loan to do such. I'll do what I can such as paint, but the floors in the living room and dining room will not have new flooring , just prepped for it. God forgive me but I absolutely cannot stand her idiot husband and am ashamed of her behavior. Thanks for letting me rant

05-27-2012, 04:06 AM
I am so sorry to hear that you continue to have these issues with your daughter and her husband. Sometimes, children seem to think that they are "owed" everything,just because they exist. And it also seems that, the more we do for them, the more they think we are obligated to do.
I hope that this continuing situation is not causing you undue stress, that is the last thing that you need. I hope that you can find a way to alleviate some of this stress. I wish you the best.

Peace and Blessings

05-27-2012, 09:54 AM
Ruz - my son is 30 and sometimes you'd think he was 13. I don't know if it's an entitlement issue for his generation or it's him specifically because he is an only child. He's better and a little more mature now but God Almighty, he's always had this "you owe" me thing going on. Seems like it's never enough and that's my fault for even "doing" in the first place. Best of luck, Ruz. May be a while until yours comes around, but with jerk husband who probably spoon feeds her his nonsense, it'll probably be a good while.

05-31-2012, 07:38 AM
Daughter and company moved out over Memorial Day weekend. Out of my mom's house that is and into HIS parents' WITH his parents. They left the house a mess. The sink with the broken garbage disposal filled with foul smelling water- I told her months ago to disconnect the disposal and I'd take it to the home store and get a new one but she never did. Both bathrooms were filthy, old furniture she didn't want left behind, trash everywhere and 2 holes in a bedroom wall. And then there's "her" vehicle. Mom had given daughter her Isuzu Trooper when she bought herself a new car. She gave it to daughter for her 18th birthday December 2010. Mom never got around to transferring the title to daughter. Now in order to do so, it is simple: I send in a survivorship form plus $12 to the department of motor vehicles and they send me a new title which I sign over to her. Easy peasy. When daughter and I had big blow out (s), she made it perfectly clear that the Trooper is HERS. No kidding. Well it is sitting in the driveway of Mom's house. Last I heard it was in the shop. The vehicle by the way, is old, eats gas like candy and daughter took lousy care of it as in "it takes oil????" Yeah. So, since we are not currently talking, I texted her and asked her what the deal was. She said "it's yours". In other words, they found out it would cost a fortune to repair so they had it towed to Mom's driveway and abandoned it. Fine. I'll just donate the vehicle to charity. Then there's the license plates. Hubby noticed the plates are missing. ???? I texted daughter about that. She said that she turned them in to the department of justice. Again WTF???? So I called the department of justice and was informed that wasn't possible as they would not have accepted them. So now I have to call the police non emergency number on my lunch break today and file a stolen plate report. If I don't and those plates end up being used for evil, I've got a huge mess on my hands. I can understand her abandoning the vehicle ( a little bit, she did after all make it perfectly clear it was hers and no one was ever going to take it from her, not that anyone would...) but to take off the plates????? Then again, nothing she's done lately makes any sense.
So this weekend I'll starting cleaning and painting doing what I can when I can to get the house ready for sale. I've got a lot of work ahead of me and it is going to be tough. Hubby took this Saturday off and he's already done a lot Bless his heart! Fingers crossed I may already have a buyer.

06-02-2012, 05:11 AM
just remember little steps, one at a time.
eventually you can go a long way.