View Full Version : Thrombocytopenia

05-16-2012, 11:55 AM
Hello, all.

Anybody out there with thrombocytopenia? Did you discover it because of petachiae or was it just discovered in a routine blood test?

I’m thinking that the next time I’m in either the PCP’s office, my second opinion rheumy next week, or the old rheumy in a month, that I will request a CBC to check for this. The past few months I’ve noticed every once in a while the little blood spots.. Usually on the inside of my lower calves.. Sometimes on my forearms. I also get my rash that starts out hive-like and non itchy where it evolves into something that looks like ringworm.. The inside of the rash starts to heal and hyperpigmentate and then more little red dots, I suppose petachie appear. I’ve yet to have it biopsied during a time that it’s erupting but I have an appt. with a derm so as soon as I get it next time I can have it checked out instead of just taking a picture.

Anyway, anyone know much about thrombocytopenia? And anybody hear of a rash like that??

PS. The meds I’m currently on are omeprazole 50mg, lyrica 300mg, predisone 10mg and now tapering, and some steroid inhalers and nasal sprays. Not sure if any of those could cause these peculiar little red dots.

: )