View Full Version : Loosing my mind?

05-16-2012, 04:58 AM
Thankfully NO.
I went on the PC this morning and noticed right away, that there was a " bug" running on my screen. It was the size of a pencil dot. Of course I tried to crush it with my finger, but to my surprise it was inside my screen. It was running like crazy, up and down and side to side. Maybe I am loosing my mind. Then I thought, maybe SOMEBODY planted that bug there ( I don't know much about computers). Anyway it was driving me crazy, I couldn't focus on anything but the bug.
So I decided to really squesh(sp) the bug and the screen and now EEEWWW, I have a blood spot inside my screen, like a red mark from a sharpy.
How the heck did this bugger get in there?
Now all I can concentrate on, is the red spot.
But at least, I am not going crazy.


05-16-2012, 07:24 AM
WOW! I don't think there is an anti virus that would have taken care of that!

05-16-2012, 08:53 AM
WOW! I don't think there is an anti virus that would have taken care of that!

LOL, no there isn't.


05-16-2012, 10:33 AM
That is the funniest thing I have read in a while. LOL

05-16-2012, 11:22 AM
That is the funniest thing I have read in a while. LOL

It is kind of funny, but that blood spot on my screen, is driving me nuts.


05-16-2012, 11:33 AM

That kind of reminds me of something that happened to me last week. I kept hearing a funny metallic sound coming from the exhaust hood over the stove in my kitchen. All three of my cats heard it too, and went to investigate. I determined that some sort of critter got into the "chimney" for the exhaust, and couldn't get out. It was making one heck of a racket. So, I reached up to turn on the hood light to see better, and instead I hit the switch to turn the exhaust fan on. All of a sudden there's this loud cringe-inducing grinding sound followed by all the power going off. It's 1 AM, no lights, the exhaust is now a blender and I've hit the puree button, and I can't find a damn flashlight.

Turns out it was a mouse, and I stress the term was. I spent the better part of the next day taking apart the exhaust and cleaning it. When it went through the fan, the sudden resistance made the breaker trip, so that's why the lights went out.

There's never a dull moment at Rob's house...

05-16-2012, 11:45 AM

Even though it sounds really gross, you just made me LOL. I am so glad my blood spot is alot smaller, than your mouse blood spot.
BTW, I wish I could clean mine. It's going to be there forever. I sure hope it will fade with time.


05-16-2012, 02:48 PM
LOL - thanks, I needed this today...what a riot. An annoying, unfortunate riot, but the kind where nobody ends up in the hospital, which means it's a GOOD, annoying riot.... :-P

Marine wife
05-16-2012, 04:15 PM
I needed a good laugh and both of those stories did it for me!!