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05-14-2012, 08:59 AM
I put adult in the title in quotes because lately darling daughter has been NOT acting like an adult. For those of you who read my post about my son in law, you are aware of the fact that face it, he's an idiot. I'm being kind! Anyhow, all heck has broken loose the past weekend because of daughter and new hubby:
The weekend of May 4, daughter and I took a trip to Missoula (3 hours away) for a girl's weekend. We've planned it since January. Part of the reason we picked Missoula was because my son, daughter in law and grandson live there and I needed some gramma time! Anyhow, we took the car she's been driving which I have lent her which belonged to my God Rest Her Soul Mother who passed away last fall. The trip was doomed from the start. She whined about missing her "ry ry" all the way there and whenever we were in cell service (welcome to Montana, lots of dead zones) she was either talking to him or texting. Geesh! Saturday morning and early afternoon was arranged for me to spend with son and his family while daughter slept and did her own thing. Well early Saturday afternoon she texts me and informs me that she is driving home that evening and leaving me stuck in Missoula without a car until my hubby can pick me up on his way back home from a business trip in Idaho. I DON'T THINK SO! We got into a big row which involved her claiming wanting NOTHING to do with the family (oh but wait, she still wants the benefits of health insurance, wants me to GIVE her the car, cheap rent (she's currently living in Mom's house until I sell it whenever, and many more benefits) Hubby ended up driving and picking her up as I did NOT let her have the car and I never intended to GIVE it to her, I told her I'd sell it to her at more than fair market value. I ended up leaving that car in Missoula (son is car sitting) and riding back with hubby the next day. When she found out I didn't bring the car back, she flipped out, her idiot hubby flipped out and this middle aged lupie grandma came UNGLUED when he said he was protecting her from me. ?!?!?!?! Well I got in his face (literally, I could count his molars) informed him that I would take a bullet for my kids and that if anyone laid a hand on my babies, I'd rip them to pieces because I'm the meanest bad a@@ mother trucker witch he'll ever meet! NOBODY messes with MY BABIES! Mind you, later, my darling hubby chastised me for that because he knows daughter's hubby could have snapped me like a twig but I tell ya, it felt SOOO GOOD to stand up to him! Calculated risk- I knew my hubby would step up and save me! Anyhow, daughter's hubby kept trying to pick a fight with my hubby, bad, bad idea! in the middle of the street the young punk is trying to pick a fight, this was before and after I got in his face. Long story short (ish) the police were called and showed up over an hour later after all had quieted down. We gave our side of the story, daughter's hubby was warned to behave or next time he would be arrested. I refused to talk to daughter most of last week as I needed time to collect my thoughts and calm down. I still strongly dislike her hubby, but daughter and I have come to an understanding. Her entitlement complex days are over, she is NOT getting the car, I'll keep her on insurance while she pregnant but SHE will be paying her own cell phone bill as of 1 June. She's married, she's pregnant (by choice BEFORE she got married) and being an adult is not a pick and choose venture. The circus of my life continues, my lupus is getting on the drive me crazy bandwagon, but I'm not letting it win. And even though my daughter did her best to ruin the trip, I had the best time ever with my mow 6 month old grandson! Light of my life that boy!!

05-14-2012, 01:03 PM
Sorry to hear it got so bad but very proud of you for sticking your ground!! Also glad to hear had nice time with grandson and other family! Hope it settles down for ya!

Marine wife
05-14-2012, 01:13 PM
Glad you stood up to him! She has made adult choices, time to act like one and take care of herself. But even happier you got to spend time with your grandson. Way to go mom!!

05-14-2012, 07:21 PM
i am reading this whilst cuddling my oldest (4yo) grandson.

i know your joy, at seeing him.