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05-11-2012, 09:59 AM
I woke up with a pounding headache, felt as if someone was hammering inside my head. I checked ant it was 126/101 I checked again and its 135/98. I know high blood preassure can lead to kidney damage. IM so scared right now. I've had severe diarreah ( I know TMI) all week were i've had to leave early three times from work this week. My boss heard Im not feeling well and came to see me and asked me if I wanted to go home, stupid me!!!! told her not now (saving my time for my vacationwhich I desperately need) so she told me turn off my light and lay my head down or go to the conference room and lay in the couch. She's great. I think Im going home though I cant take it anymore and my eyes need to be closed.

I did call my Rheumy, I didn't know which doctor to call, there's too many. I got her answering service, just waiting for her call back. Any ideas?

05-11-2012, 10:16 AM
When I have something that's causing me serious distress like this, I usually go to the walk-in clinic to get checked out, and see what they think. If I could get in to see my GP or other specialists same day, I'd do that instead, but that rarely happens. I don't know if this is an option you can use or not, but it's the only idea I could think of.

Why is it things like this happen so often on a Friday? If you can't get in to see anybody, then you've got an entire weekend to feel sick and worry about what's wrong.

I hope you get to feeling better.


05-11-2012, 10:23 AM
Thanks Rob, I don't know of a walk in clinic here in Philly. My doctor hasn't called me back (of course) my headache is getting worse by the minute. I think Im just going home and laying down.

05-11-2012, 10:32 AM
I think Im just going home and laying down.

For now, I think that's the best plan. If things get worse, you may want to consider the E.R.

I personally hate the thought of going to the E.R. but if things are bad, it's better than nothing.

Take it easy, and try to rest when you get home.


05-11-2012, 10:35 AM
Yeah that what I just told hubby, I'm going home and If i don't feel better Im going to the ER. thankfully its not to bad where I go, and they take good care of me.

05-12-2012, 05:15 AM
I'm medicated for unstable blood pressure and inappropriate sinus tachycardia. I check my blood pressure twice daily, more if there are concerns. A reading like that I'm happy with (don't adjust my medication), but my diastolic pressures go very high. I do also have kidney damage (after pregnancy complications, not relating to bp). My understanding is unless it's prolonged, there shouldn't be serious damage done? I agree if you're still concerned get it checked out, but hoping to reassure you a little - bp can vary quite a lot at times of stress/ extra pressure etc

05-16-2012, 02:25 AM
Just wondering how you're feeling. I hope you're OK.

05-16-2012, 01:18 PM
thanks for your replies. Im going through a rough flare right now. I was in bed since Friday and had to drag my but to work today. thank goodness for my place of employment though they're so understanding. I ended up calling my doctor and asking to speak to her NP which is what my dr had asked me to do. The stupid secretary never gave her the message. I was resting all weekend so I didn't follow up until today. The NP was furiuos as to how it was handled. Im waiting on another call back as far as how were going to proceed. I don't want to be put on prednisone!!!! But what else is there? My headache went away and my preassure came down some. My heart is still racing though regardless of me doubeling up my meds for that. CJ, what do you take for your tachichardia. I take atelenol.

05-20-2012, 02:35 AM
Glad you've got things more under control. I take atenelol also, and vary it depending on my BP and tachy episodes. There really don't seem to be any tachy specific drugs ie that don't affect your bp, so it's pretty tough to balance when my bp is low...I just have to stay tachycardic.