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04-25-2012, 12:46 PM
So as ya'll know I haven't been feeling well for the past oh like 2 years and it has gotten progressively worse this past year. So on the 23rd I went and saw my doctor it went as expected. She didn't really listen to me but at least she didn't try to convince me I was depressed. I tell her I have been having headaches constantly for the past 6 months and in the past 3 months I am feeling it in my eyes. So she tells me I should go get my eyes checked because a change in vision could cause headaches and the steroids can cause cataracts. Now I listened and went and got a eye exam the next day, mostly to prove her wrong. I have never had an eye exam before and I used to have great eye insurance it was better than my health insurance. Turns out I have perfect vision and no cataracts except the eye doctor found possible signs of glaucoma and very small damage from the plaquenil, nothing even related to my headaches. The eye lady was really mad at my rheumy because she never even once suggested for my to get an annual exam. Apparently it's common knowledge to all those rheumitologists(spl?) who regularly gives patients steroids and plaquenil, hell I didn't even know plaquenil can damage my eyes until I joined this site. Not once in the 7 years was taking prednisone was this mention or the 4 years on the plaquenil. AND now after my insurance is gone I have to deal with this!! What kind of doctor does this!!? It proves why I hate my rheumy so much!! I don't expect her to drop everything for me, all I ask is for the 15 minutes I talk to her one on one that she is being my doctor. Hell when she gave me the plaquenil she didn't even tell me what it was, I would imagine that would of been a fantastic time to say hey make sure to get a yearly eye exam. Now on top of everything that has been going on I have to deal with these eye issues that could of been dealt with when I had insurance and I the headache problem was even solved!! To all those o prednisone or plaquenil go get an exam, because steroids can cause glaucoma and cataracts.
On a lighter note last night my dog Pete, who is a blue lacy mix, caught a bird and brought it into the house. The only reason I know it was fresh because it was still warm. I still haven't found the head yet, I really hope he left it outside.