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04-21-2012, 10:01 PM
So im hoping to be able to get some good advice on a few beauty products for people with lupus i have been trying couple things but hate spending the money when they may or may not work for me. The first one would be a good foundation? Something to help cover the butterfly rash or even on days that dont have it that will not irrate my skin. The next product would be a good antipresseriant/deodrant im sweatin so much more that i cant stand it and havent been able to find one that happy with. The last one would be the best sunscreen i have found one that doesnt seem to irrate to bad but just wanna see if theere is one better. Thanks for any suggestion :)

04-21-2012, 11:38 PM
To help cover the rash get a green stick, in make-up isle, it will help cut back the redness when you put on base. Cetaphil products are great for skin sensitivity. Best sunscreen I found is that nutrogena 100 spf, it's light to wear and affordable, I really love they're spray sunscreen. Also a small bottle goes along way and it doesn't irritate my skin. OH Also I get really bad dark circles under my eyes from the lupus and have found the garnier under eye darkness reducer stick thingy works great, I swear by that stuff. It's in a small green tube, like the size of lip gloss, that rolls on your skin and you will find it in the face soap and face lotion isle.

04-22-2012, 08:34 PM
Hi Codi,
I HATE sunscreen on my face, so I found a powder form of it from Bare Essentials that doubles as a face powder. It was a bit pricey, since I bought it at Macy's, but it worked great, even in the direct sun when we were traveling in Greece. For the rest of my body, I used Aveeno sunscreen, and I really liked it.
I'm not super-sensitive about deodorant, so Degree works just fine for me.
I'm also not much of a make-up user, but I do like Estee Lauder products, also from Macy's.

04-29-2012, 12:16 PM
Hi Codi,

I find using Dove products works best for me! For there Deodorant, nutrogena spray on sunscreen waterproof is what i normally use and as for make up! Im with Marla I love love the bare essentials for Foundation... it doesnt irritate my skin and is not super expensive and a little goes a long way =)

hope that helps