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05-13-2006, 06:39 PM
Hi, Everyone, my user name is ugirl2, name is Tammy. I just joined the group. I am 48 (wow, how'd I get that old!!) and have had Lupus for many years, and of course many years before anyone knew what it was. (what can I say, doctors are Lupus Dumb!!)....I'm sure all of you or most went through the what the heck is wrong with me phase, and the geez, these doctors are dumb and uncaring phase! You learn over the years to find a doctor you can work with even if it means changing them over and over until you find one. You learn to educate yourself and learn about yourself and generally just do the best that you can. I guess everyone deals with something in this life and this is what I was given. At least there are some pretty good days at times and it sort of helps during the flare ups to know that maybe there will be good days again. I hope to find some friends and those that may also understand. It helps to talk through things sometimes and hope to help others as I have gained some insight and understanding of the illness, so hello to all of you. Tammy U :)

05-14-2006, 02:48 AM
Hello Tammy and welcome :lol:
Everything that you discussed can be dittoed by almost everyone here. Having Lupus long before we were diagnose, dealing with "Lupus-Dumb" doctors and learning to educate ourselves and to become pro-active in our care.
I am sure that you will meet and make friends here and that you will find that we are all supportive, understanding, caring and more than willing to share and provide comfort!


Peace and Blessings