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04-16-2012, 05:59 PM
I am very new to all of this and a bit concerned as u can tell. Friday i was feeling great. However, this weekend i took a little turn for the worse. I'm so confused and tired. I threw up all weekend., but i'm not sick with a virus. I have no appetite yet my stomach is hungry (meaning i dont feel to eat) my legs were sweating then they are not. My head hurt me i have mild stiffness in my neck. i have little white spots on my stomach (is that something that is realitive)? and my skin feels very irrritable.The list is endless. went to one dr today that said could be milid lupus. How do you know if its lupus or not? How does a dr. figure out the difference between lupus and MCTD? The only thing that came back postive is my RNP......

04-19-2012, 09:20 AM
I am sorry that you are feeling so bad. Do you remember what you were doing this weekend before you started feeling worse. Did you, by any chance, spend any time outside or under fluorescent lights? If so, you may be suffering a flare up due to the sun or the lights. Your symptoms sound a bit like a flare up and these can occur in almost all auto-immune diseases.
The diagnostic process for Lupus (or any auto-immune illness) is a lengthy one and many do not receive a definitive diagnosis.
MCTD ia an auto-immune illness and it generally means that you are displaying symptoms of several auto-immune illnesses, but not enough of any one of them to make a diagnosis. Also, lab tests, blood work etc. do not point to any one specific disease. The term means "Mixed Connective Tissue Disease". There are many who never get a diagnosis for any one specific disease and are determined to have MCTD.
If your doctor felt that it could be mild Lupus, did he prescribe any medication or treatment? If so, what?
I do hope that you feel better soon.

Peace and Blessings