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04-04-2012, 12:42 AM
Sorry to be informal (still working on my introduction) but I have a rather pertinent question to those familar with lovenox. I have searched endlessly the past few days with little answers. So my question is, has anyone expirenced any leg pain/swelling/bruising/numbness while taking lovenox? I have read it could be an adverse effect, but nothing explains what it does or how it causes it. I have also read that patients with renal issues or vascular problems should be advised when taking lovenox. I have lupus nephritis and stage III CKD along with Raynaud's (which I'm not sure is a factor or not) etc so I'm unsure if these could be the culprit of the problem or if there's a possibility of forming a clot. Im taking the 40mg once per day and on my 12th day. Problems are increasing after every injection, pain being the worst following for multiple hours, however my medical care is in a pretty scattered place/ torn between several doctors, who are relying one anothers tests (some as far as 2hrs away from me) so I'm hesitant in making a fuss nor decisive on which I should contact, if need be. Any insight would be wonderful & greatly appreciated! Thank you

04-04-2012, 01:33 AM
hi baked tater,
sorry i have not used lovenox.

but if the pain is consistant after using it.....
i would seek medical help.

i personally would not be playing around with issues like this.
i would be straight to my primary care doctor.

04-09-2012, 01:20 PM
Thanks for the response. The problem was/is that my pcp office has been closed since he was on vacation, and after just calling again today, his office will still be closed until Friday. My concern was if its actually from the lovenox or if my uric acid levels are climbing again. I had been on appurinol and uloric until two months ago, when my nephrologist had taken me off of them hoping my nephritis was going into remission. I had bw and a 24hr urine sent off to a speciality lab a month ago and two weeks ago my nephrologists office called me wanting to bump up my apt because my results were abnormal and that the doctor wanted to speak to me in person, about what the next steps were and new medications. However they'd forgotten he was too on vacation until the 12th-my original apt. So nowin having those results sent to my Rhuematologist (who was suppose to get them and didn't). She said she was going to check them right away and call me back. Hopefully today ends in some sort of answer. My calf is now swollen and red. I can barely stand or walk on it, which reminds me a lot of the dvt I had before, so I'm definitely nervous. I don't know if the lovenox dose I'm on would do anything or not if I already had a clot present since its just a precautionary dose. I guess I just have to play the waiting game for now.

04-09-2012, 01:26 PM
I meant to include that the uric acid is worrisome, that in the past it had caused gout like pain & swelling in the same leg I'm having problems with now. But it's also the leg Ive developed my dvts in. Thus Im torn in different directions and what I should be doing or who to be contacting.

04-13-2012, 05:46 AM
I was recently put on lovenox after a trip to the er where the discovered a clot. I was told that if the pain and swelling didnt get better or got worse to seek urgent medical care with me , even though i am seeing several doctors the clot thing scares me bad enough to go get it looked at by someone even if it isnt one of my normal doctors. Hope you get feeling better

04-13-2012, 12:56 PM
Thanks codi98,
It scares me as well, but with most my drs being on vacation for the Easter holiday it's been a pain trying to find answers. Monday my ob/gyn sent me for a stat ultrasound which came up neg (thank god) but he was worried about my uric acid being too high again as well. I told him I had an apt with the nephrologist on Thursday so he said to wait to start the uloric/ appurinol back up until then. Tuesday my Rhuematologist called me and said that the nephrologist's tests arrived in their office and that my uric acid was off the charts and to def not miss my apt. I saw him yesterday which only added in the frustration (I've only seem him a dozen times-my rheumatology wanted someone affiliated with their hospital so she could correlate better, and my previous one is retiring). He forgot why I was even coming in, seemed unfamiliar with any of my health issues and I had to remind him that they called me to come in because I had abnormal results. He proceeded to tell me that I was spilling large amounts of calcium and protien again in my urine and put me on hydrochlorothiazide and urocit. When I brought up the uric acid (which was the original purpose of the testing to see if my nephritis was going into remission) he acted surprised and looked back at the results. He said they were extremely high, but he only likes prescribing one medicine at a time (although he was already prescribing two new ones) and to have my pcp run bloodwork for a more recent uric acid level and he'd go from there, to follow up in 3 months. And that I need to drink 3 GALLONS of water a day-how this is accomplishable I have no clue. What aggravated me is I also informed him of the horrible chest pain I started having Tuesday night and that is only getting worse (because this happened before too) and he just repeated the 3 gallons of water and left. So today my pcp is finally back in office, Which I just got off the phone with. After explaining everything, they tell me dr needs to see me but it can't be until next Thursday. And that if my leg or chest pain continues in the mean time, I need to go to the er. So pretty much I've back full circle, with no answers. Our hospitals here are lousy and I've been this route before. They'll try pushing me off with pain medicines I don't want and can't take and I'll be stuck waiting again. I don't know the full effects of uric acid or how high is too high. My rheumatologist said their normal range was 2.0-7.0 highest shed seen was 11 but I'm well above that. Not entirely sure what to do from here, prob end up wasting my time in the er hoping it's worth a shot. Sorry for venting everyone. Just really aggravated :(

04-13-2012, 03:37 PM
Im sorry that its so frustrating and that your getting the run around. I hope you get feeling better and know that we are all here to listen to you vent !