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03-16-2012, 01:12 PM
I'm not entirely sure if I had an asthma attack or not.. But I had some serious distress just an hour ago.

I was given an inhaler (xopenex) for some shrotness of breath. My 'SOB' didn't occur with exertion of any sort, so this concerned my doc. At first, I was instructed to use 'as needed'. It wasn't helping, so he added to use 'as needed' as well as every 6 hours. This seemed to help a little.

The problem is, when using an inhaler, I know you're supposed to take a deeeeeep deep breath, fully exhale, and then take your puff. My issue is, I can't get a 'deep' breath to begin with. Despite this probelm, the inhaler has mildly aided me.

Today though, I must of taken 10 puffs within 20 minutes. I probably went overboard, but I finally got myself out of a half-hour long 'attack'. I def. could not breathe sitting down, so I was standing up, TRYING to take deep breaths. And puffing every few minutes. Sound like asthma?

Mind you, I do not smoke.

03-16-2012, 01:13 PM
I probably didn't help the situation much with any anxiety I may of had. I know that makes SOB and breathlessness much worse.

03-16-2012, 04:41 PM
You may have overdone it with the inhaler. My daughter did it once in gym class when she was in Jr. High. She started having problems breathing, but the coach wouldn't let her leave the track. Her solution was to keep running while using her inhaler every few steps. We wound up in the ER that night and I had a few choice words with the coach.
Use your inhaler only as directed. Sit down and put your head on your knees until your breathing slows down. Drink something highly caffeinated - coffee, black tea or Mountain Dew (our school nurse kept Mountain Dew in her office for kids with asthma attacks). If all else fails, call your doc or go to the ER.
I hope this helps. I had years of experience with two asthmatic daughters and dealing with students at the school.

03-17-2012, 12:42 PM
I also have asthma. Do not overuse the inhaler.
When I have an attack, I also cannot take a deep breath. So what I do is, exhale as much as I can, inhale the inhaler, which wont let much of the stuff in, because I am pretty much closed up. After that I exhale again and place the inhaler on my lips and take a deep puff of the inhaler. Then I wait to see if my breathing is better, if not I repeat. The trick is, that you always have to exhale asa much as possible first, before you take a puff. I NEVER use it for more than three puffs at a time. For me it is enough, but sometimes I have to do it up to 3-4 times a day.
Sometimes I don't have to use the inhaler for weeks at a time.

I hope this helps.


Angel Oliver
03-22-2012, 04:50 PM
Hi i also have asthma.When im having an attack,like you i can not take a breath. So thats when you try your best with the inhaler.But from the sounds of it i think you need to see the doctor urgently for a check up. If you are struggling to breath and the inhaler isnt working you need more help. I only the ventolin,but like your attack,lack of breath to take in your inhaler,you maybe given a nebuliser which you use a mask with erm what do you call it....mist lol foggy head...you breath in the mist which opens up your airways.I am also on uniphyllin and montelukast too.
If you over use your inhaler it can increase your heartbeat and you feel dizzy.Its at this point you need help....doctor or hospital.Dont mess about.I left mine till it interferred with my vocal cords and i sounded really weird and my lips went blue.I too thought it was anxiety,when in fact it was severe asthma lol...how was i supposed to know. When i got the nebuliser wow,you stick it on your face and breath the little breath you have and before you know it the mist has got the medication right into your lungs.Just go get a check up.They'll test your breath via a .....omg i have brain fog....i forget the name...a thing you blow into which measures your airway lol...sorry i forgot.when i went my breath measured 98....it should be 530 or something like that.Now mine is about 300 so im much better and hopefully soon you will be too.Goodluck.

P>S always remember...if you are struggling to breath more than 15 minutes you need medical attention,dont just sit and think it'll pass....or you'll pass out first!!

03-22-2012, 05:50 PM
Angel, I was just going to recommend that you go see your Dr., so I am relieved to hear you are going asap.