View Full Version : lupus or not? who knows?!

05-08-2006, 11:48 AM
I'm new here. I thought maybe you guys could help answer some of my questions. I'm getting frustrated with not having an answer on whether or not I have Lupus. People have told me I'm too young (I'm 22). I had two positive ANA tests, but my anti-DNA came back negative. Does that mean I can't have Lupus? I've been seeing a rhuematologist every three months, but she hasn't let on that she thinks it's anything. I don't know how to ask either. My rhuematiod arthritis test was negative too. I've been having really bad pain in my long bones and joints. It feels like something is inside my bones and pushing out. Sometimes it's piercing, sometimes it's throbbing, but the pain always radiates. Sometimes it hurts so much my arms and legs just go numb. Recently I've been having the strangest chest pains. And I'm always tired, no matter how much I sleep. What is this? I've always been active and taken really good care of myself, so it's frustrating to not be as active as I was. Thanks for your help.

05-08-2006, 12:48 PM
As far as too young, that is completely wrong... Tell them to look it up on the internet... They will find that a large majority of people who have Lupus are your age... I got it at 24... I have a friend who got it at 15, and one who got it at 21... There is a woman on here who's daughter got it at age 13 I believe... Also, a friend of mine works in a day care and one of the mothers of one of her kids has a one year old that they just diagnosed with Lupus... So, you can call BS on the age thing at least!