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05-03-2006, 08:19 AM
Hi all. I had a rheumy appt yesterday was not very happy when I left. They were NO help at all.
I just had my eye tests, including a field vision with red for the plaquenil and it was fine. But I keep having these "episodes" where, the only way to describe it is after you have looked at a bright light and look away, those spots you see afterward? I haven't looked at any lights, and the spots are more like dots, this makes me very disoriented. It's happened 3 times in the last two weeks, 2 of which were before my eye appt so I told them but he didn't see anything. The last one was this past Sunday and I was talking to a friend, I could hear everything she said but it was like my brain was in a tunnel. It only lasts 5 mins at the most but it's worrying me.
My memory issues are getting worse. I have been doing the same job, with the same schedule for 4 years. Now I have to write down what I need to do for month end or when the acct. comes I haven't done it. This has happened three times in the last 4 months. :(
The rash that I had so bad on my back finally went away. Now it's on my neck. Makes me feel like it is creeping towards my brain.
So his advice was call the eye dr back about the spots, call the primary about the memory, and call the derm about the rash???? What the hell am I paying the rheumy for? Not to mention the gas prices having to drive to another state for the appt?????
I really don't think the eye thing is actually related to my vision. I don't know what it is but I really think my eyes are fine, so long as I wear glasses ;) The only thing he did for me was give me labsheets to get blood and urinalysis done (for the back pain I've been having that vicodin won't touch).
I asked him if he thought my brain was ok cause this is really freaking me out. He said well I can't make any promises and we'll look into that if nothing else shows up but I think your brain is probably fine. So any ideas what this could be? I hate calling my dr for something that isn't a big deal ya know? What would you do? Luckily the eye thing hasn't happened when I was driving. Twice I was at home and once in my office. It makes me dizzy when it happens. :(

05-03-2006, 08:56 AM
Hi Tracy,
Sorry to hear about your frustration with rheumy.
I get the same sort of thing that you described with vision and dizziness. I don't know what it is either. All I can say is that it has been going on for many years, it was worrisome at first but now I'm used to it. I did have a couple of MRI's over the years and all is well so I just make sure I get plenty of rest when I can. I do have unusually low BP. I thought that might have something to do with it, who knows. I would definately push for all of the tests that you need. If they are neg then at least you'll have peace of mind.
Aloe usually helps my rashes but I have to overdose my skin in it. I keep a large tube of pure aloe gel on my bedside table and when I'm resting I apply it obsessively.

05-03-2006, 10:35 AM
Here is a thought about the visual disturbances:

Do you think it could be painless migraines? I get migraines with pain, but before the pain hits I get an aura. My vision is severly impaired for about 10-15 minutes before the debilitating pain begins. My mother-in-law used to get painless migraines. It effected her vision but she never got a headache to go with it. She would get dizzy and have nausea just like I do but no pain. I wonder if that could be possible for you?

Other vision experiences I have had:

When getting up from a laying position I get really dizzy and I lose the clarity of my vision for maybe a full minute. I have to hold onto something and I see spots like you described only maybe more diffused than if I had just looked at a bright light. I am not sure why this happens but it is becoming very common for me.

When I am driving (yikes), I have to be very careful to wear my sunglasses, even when it's dark out. If I look at a bright light (car headlights, a bright store sign, the glare of the sun off of another car etc) it will blind me for too long to be safe. It can still happen with the sunglasses on but they help. My vision gets very hazy and I have a blind spot when I look straight ahead. I only have limited peripheral vision when this happens (I'd say for about 5-7 seconds or so...not long, unless I am driving, then it's an eternity). Again, I don't know why this happens for me but these are my experiences.

Hope this helps just a little,

05-03-2006, 10:51 PM
I've had the spots with the tunnel vision before when my blood sugar was low. I don't have any normal problems with my blood sugar levels. I just forget (or am too lazy) to eat sometimes. :oops:

05-03-2006, 11:29 PM
OMG TRACY!!!!!! I get the same things!!! And you know how sometimes you get the "aura outlines" around people and things right after you come in from the sun? I have those constantly, even if I don't have the spots... Also, you know how an over exposed picture looks? where it's like a shadow, but you can see out lines of light/color? I will get that, and sometimes it will go completely black for a few seconds... Not as much now as in August after I had first started my meds... But, I still get an episode ever now and again... And I never get nausea or dizziness with them (Unless I have had them all day anyway) and typically whether I eat or not has no bearing on it at all... (I've had episodes either way) I hope you figure out what it is... But, I just wanted you to know, I get it too!!!

05-04-2006, 12:13 PM
thanks ya'll. It's nice to know I'm not alone. I seriously was wondering if my brain was having issues (which is still possible) but it helps to know I'm not the only one, as usual. It stinks that so many of has these symptoms with no explanation.
I KNOW it's not low blood pressure, I have had high blood pressure for 8 years, since I was pg with our son. I take two pills a day for that and have a cuff at home to check it. Now my blood sugar on the other hand is a whole different ball of wax. My last labs showed it was creeping up. The dr said it wasn't something to stress over but at 106 it needs to be watched so that it doesn't go higher. Diabetes runs in my family and during high school I had low blood sugar and had to go to the office twice a day every day to eat. To this day I can't eat an orange. LOL So that's on my list to have checked. I'm going to call tomorrow to get an appt with my primary to go over some things, just to make sure my brain is ok. ;) Thanks!!!
Solesinger-have you found another band yet? How are you feeling???

11-16-2007, 11:36 PM
I just had my eyes tested again because everything that was happening to them is getting worse. He said it was normal. WOW---Then what else could it be? All he told me was that it isn't the meds and it isn't my eyes. I see fog everywhere in a room or anywhere actually when it's dimmer. I also see swirls around the main thing I'm that I'm looking at. I get the headaches, dizzies really bad, forgetting just about everything that happens in the day. I also get spacey a lot. Don't really trust myself to drive any more. Sometimes, when I'm just standing, I get this dizzy feeling, like there's a small earthquake that only I'm feeling. Kind of like tremors in my head. I get really weak and feel like I'm going to pass out. I've had recent a M.R.I. and no tumors---no swelling! That's great but what is it? I've had S.L.E and discoid lupus now for twenty five years now, and along with time, Fibromyalia, Sjogrens, Osteoarthritis, I.B.S., Asthma, Cervical disc degeneration, Sleep apnea, Intesinal malabsorption, acid reflex, hydel hernea and some other hernia, degenerative joint disease and on and on. I'm pretty much SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED. I'm hoping that my brain hasn't decided to join the wonderful fun. Yee ha. I know that all of you are having a lot of the same symptons, I didn't mean to yammer on like that, but it sure felt good.

11-18-2007, 08:34 PM
Its strange how comforting it is hearing about others with similar problems. Not that you want anyone to have problems, just helps you from feeling like its in your head. I get blurry vision in my right eye only, just stared last month. Told doc how I get dizzy for no reason out of the blue, said probably anemic. The blood work for that came back OK. I get real forgetfull too. I'll be walking in my home doing something, or off to get something, and my mind goes completetly blank. Totaly forgot what I was doing or getting. Sometimes I remember, some I don't. I seem to aggrivate people at times cause I'll tell them, or ask them, something I've already had. Really annoys hubby (at least thats a plus for the annyance he gives me :lol: ). I hope you find out whats wrong, I understand the aggrivation of not knowing, and hope it has nothing to do with the brain either. Let us know how app. goes, Good Luck.