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02-09-2012, 05:33 PM
well he is still not well having trouble breathing severe tiredness , chest pain, he has been booked in for surgery for pacemaker on the 2nd of march was hoping it would be sooner as his health is deteriating but that is public hospital system, they still do not know if this is his only heart problem they are hoping it is otherwise he will probably have to undergo more surgery the only thing that confuses me is they say this is a day surgery and they will send him home. how am i going to look after him i thought they would at least keep him a few days just to make sure everything alright with pacemaker. he is not allowed to raise his arms or lift anything so i will have to shower him and make sure his wound is kept clean and check for infection .i thought they had to keep him in to make sure pacemaker was regulated properly. also i have just found out that my youngest child mikaela has sleep apnea as well. on a good note she has been accepted into tafe to do hairdressing course she starts next week.another problem has arised my motherinlaws 80th birthday party is the same weekend as stephens surgery and it was to be held at her old home town where my sisterinlaw lives which is 8 hours away we were not going because of stephens health but because he cannot drive because of surgery and i have not got licence his brother usually takes us to appointments and hospital so his brother says he will not be attending his mothers birthday either he wants to be here for us so this may cause some conflict with the family. this is something i really didnot want i love my motherinlaw she is my best friend and i feel so sorry for her this is the only party she has ever had i feel very upset for her. she is worried about stephen but she also wanted celebrate her birthday with all of her family now this is not possible and my brotherinlaw is putting her on plane it is so sad anyway thankyou for listening hugs and good health to all.

02-09-2012, 10:56 PM
Hi Kim,
I'm glad that Stephen will soon be getting that pacemaker. It is amazing how quickly they send people home from the hospital nowadays. Let them know about your own health problems and fears, and maybe if he's having a bit of trouble, they will consider keeping him overnight.
When I had my appendix out, they wanted to send me home the same day, but I did my usual thing and over-reacted to the anesthesia. They couldn't properly wake me, so they kept me overnight for observation. I was glad that it happened, because I felt a bit stronger by the time I went home the next day.

Take a deep breath and don't stress out about family stuff. They will all just have to deal with it. Stephen's well-being is what is important right now, and you shouldn't get worked up about how others deal with it.
Take care of yourself and your family. Be sure to update us about Stephen.
Love & Hugs,

02-10-2012, 06:35 AM
marla covered it all wonderfully.

kim please let the hospital know your concerns and the reasons.

talk to your mother inlaw, it sounds like she understands even if everyone else doesnt.

02-10-2012, 12:33 PM
The hospitals do send people home awfully fast, too fast, I think. If you need to stand firm with the hospital staff and the Drs. do so. I am really sorry to hear about your husband's heart problem. You are under a lot of stress, girl. I hope you are finding ways to cope with things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

02-11-2012, 07:03 AM
jI have to agree with Steve. Marla covered it all.

I hope everything calms down for you soon, Kim. Will keep you and your family in my thoughts

02-11-2012, 08:08 PM
Kim, I am glad this is finally on the schedule for Stephen, but I am still baffled by how slowly everything has moved. I can't imagine how much stress this has caused you.

Can the family postpone the birthday party so everyone can be there? I imagine your mother-in-law cares much more about her son's surgery than her birthday party.

Take care of yourself so you are ready to take on the extra care after Stephen's surgery.