View Full Version : The mask of makeup

02-03-2012, 10:05 PM
Was just wondering what type of makeups and cleansers are being used by others here at WHL.
I will not work out the door in the morning without a mask of makeup but I find even though I am using the
most basic products available (mineral makeup with only 3-4 ingredients) that my skin is still so sensitive and reactive.
Even gentle cleansing seems to make my skin flare so then I will use more makeup until I feel like I can face the
world feeling as "normal" as what I can !!!

Would love to hear about any success stories with using skin products...........

02-03-2012, 10:39 PM
Recently discovered the Garnier Skin renew anit-puff eye roller, that stuff is amazing! Just love it, really does wonders for the dark circles I get under my eyes and the darkness I get on the bridge of my nose. It's really affordable and actually works and allows me to wear a little less concealer. Oh and if you have the rash I found that using a green stick, in the make-up aisle, before putting on my base really helps with covering the red skin. I don't know if those will break out your skin because i'm not that sensative, I just find wearing lightweight base and powder has worked the best for me. Have you tried Origins make-up, I really loved their foundation but it is a bit pricey, theyre kind of known for their more organic make-up. Dillards I know for sure sells it.