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01-27-2012, 09:31 PM
Silly question...
When I post, I can't see my profile picture but I have my settings set to show it.
Is it just that I can't see my own?

01-27-2012, 09:35 PM
try talking to rob.
he knows how to adjust the settings, better than most.

i also cannot see your picture.

just a quick thought........
the picture we see on the posts is your "avatar"
the picture we see on your profile page is different.

01-27-2012, 09:37 PM
Ah, I think you've hit the nail on the head.
Thanks :)

01-27-2012, 09:38 PM
Yes, there is an avatar and a profile pic. You need to put it in your profile pic... or vice/versa. LOL Fill em both in and we will see it!

01-27-2012, 09:40 PM
Ta da!


01-27-2012, 10:05 PM
Your Avatar shows up fine now MelanelloPea. Welcome to WHL.

Thanks Mari, and Steve.

01-27-2012, 10:09 PM
Sad thing is that I used to do computer work for a living (long ago and far away) but I can't remember which is which here! Thanks to Steve and Rob!