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01-10-2012, 10:54 AM
So last summer my then 14 yr old daughter started experiencing chest pains, I took her to her primary who thought it might be asthma related as my son has it. They gave her an inhaler which helped some. Eventually she started experiencing severe stomach cramps, leg cramps where she could not move. She also started getting joint pain in her wrist and especially her knees. One day she woke up covered in hives and I took her to her primary, who sent her to the ER, the first thing they did was pump her with solumedrol which stupid me, I did't ask before they did that. Of course the rash and pain cleared up immediately.

I made an apt which a rheumy at Chop, who said she had "loosey goosy knees" and she had alot of fibro tender points. The dr. explained that its not fibro ( I forget the name) and at this age is reversable if she continues with the excercises she prespribed. She also was very honest and said she did not want to see her back if she didn't work out.

Well typical teenager she works out a little bit, but most of the time she doesn't. She continues with her pain, but now her hair is falling out and she's developed a malar rash!

I didn't want to seem like the overly concerned mother (that I should of been anywaay) So I dismissed a lot of it as growing pains, when I know deep down is much more. I thought that maybe I can wish this away as Lord help me, I hope I didn't pass this on to my baby, I would hate myself for that.

Anyway Im trying not to ramble here, and Im sure I've left some things out, anyway I've scheduled an apt for next week with the same rheumy I know that excersice can help with some of her issues, but I iknow not all of them.

I know a couple of you here have been through it with your daughters and know you'd understand. I hope Im wrong and it continues to be nothing, because I don't want her to fight this monster!

01-10-2012, 11:02 AM
I wrote almost that exact same post a couple of years ago. I understand your fear. Nothing confirmed either way with mine. They see her ever 6 months and she is on ammitrityline at night to help with the pain.

You and your daughter will be in my thoughts. Try to stay calm. Just as our parents didn't do this to us, you didn't do this to her. Hopefully it is the normal teenage thing. Keep us posted, please

01-10-2012, 12:22 PM
Thanks Mari, I sure do hope so. Even if they don't confirm anything I figured its good to keep an eye on her. I will definetely keep posted.

01-10-2012, 08:19 PM
i understand your fears.

my 2 children both have health issues

it hurst to think they have problems because of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

but as mari has said..........
you did not give it to her.

01-10-2012, 09:22 PM
I've been there, too. I have four daughters and one son. I've seen some evidence of some autoimmune issues in three of the girls.
I can also reflect back on seeing many autoimmune symptoms in my mother, aunts and uncles, and in the great-aunts and uncles before them.
I don't care how much the docs try to deny it, I'm sure that this stuff is hereditary.

We can't help it, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it. I think that we are doing the right thing by warning our kids about the possibilities and keeping an eye upon them. Hopefully, by the time our kids reach our age, the research will have progressed to the point that there is a cure, or at least some better treatments.