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12-15-2011, 03:48 AM
hi crew,

sorry i've been a bit of a ghost around here for a while now, things have been a little crazy in my world but I am back and will try and check in more regularly!! I hope everyone is doing well as the silly season gets underway and everyone is feeling good for christmas time! My work has taken up so much of my time recently that when i get home my brain is too fried to do anything but stare at the tv. Health-wise i've been great, no symptoms for going on 4 months now...i keep my fingers crossed, the longer i am off steroids the more panicky i become about when those dreaded symptoms will come back. But thinking positive for now at least :)
Had a few things come a bit out of left field recently, my uncle passed away a couple of months back, he was in his 70s but so healthy and fit. Had a small stroke then just went down hill from there pretty fast. Still taking a lot to get used to in my very small family because he was always the life of the party at family get togethers. Also had a friend get into a domestic violence relationship with an awful guy, but she's finally seen the light and ended it. So my non-work time has been taken up a lot with dealing with that too...not the greatest thing when you deal with that every day at work!

Anyway, throughout the whole lot of stuff recently i've managed to stay very well which im pleased with!

Hope everyone else is doing well!!

12-15-2011, 06:36 AM
happy to hear from you.

unfortunatelly this time of year bring out the best or worst in everyone.
your line of work has its unhappy visitors.

i am glad you are doing so well.
enjoy your break and family time.

12-16-2011, 01:40 PM
Well, Im HAPPY to hear YOU are staying WELL through it all!!!! WOO HOO to THAT!!! Good for your friend for ENDING the BAD relationship! AWWWW, sorry about your uncle. Unfortunately with life comes death, UGH! BUT, the memories are what last FOREVER, RIGHT!!!!