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12-14-2011, 03:27 PM
well sarah had operation looks like there is something wrong with her bladder but they will not tell her what for 6 weeks apparently takes that long to prepare report. she went to gp yesterday to have dressing changed and gp pressed near her ribs she has ordered emergency ultrasound which she has today it looks like she may also have gallstones or or gall bladder maybe distended. mikaela has severe bout of tonsilitis again for the 12th time this year she is very sick and miserable right now. stephens health is getting worse gp rang heart specialist but he said can not do anything to january as he is going away on holidays. stephen is getting out of breath easily. dizziness is worse just sitting he can get out of breath showering is hard for him and he is sleeping more hard to wake hime up. he is suffering severe headaches. gp says it is because he is not getting enough oxygen to his body because his heart rate kepps on dropping to low. she said if he gets worse call paramedics they will put him in hospital and monitor him and maybe put emergency pacemaker in. he had halter monitor on for 24 hours but it did not show much it was before they put it on him and after they took it off that his heart rate dropped 24 hour monitoring is not enough. my motherinlaw went into hospital yesterday they think she may have cancer i really hope not i am very close to her she is like my best friend so altogether i am worried about all of them i do not think christmas is going to be very joyful this year. thankyou all for listening to me vent hugs and good health to everyone.

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12-14-2011, 10:39 PM
Hang in there, honey.
Don't delay about calling the paramedics. Perhaps if Stephen is in the hospital, a different (and hopefully better) heart specialist will see him.

12-15-2011, 04:13 PM
I'm with Marla - don't hesitate to call for the paramedics. It might actually be a merrier Christmas if he is under the watchful eyes of hospital staff.

12-16-2011, 01:36 PM
BIG BIG BIG HUGS and LOVE to YOU and your FAMILY Kim! Im so SORRY!!!! I think we need to go back to "Little House on the Prarie" days to get our air CLEAN and to slow our lives down for BETTER HEALTH!!!! Peoples environments (inside and OUT) are making us all sick! BOOOOOO to BAD AIR!!!!!! YOU are in my THOUGHTS and HEART Kim! LOVE YOU!

12-22-2011, 04:03 AM
well stephen ended up in emergency the other day and was transfered to cardiac ward for observation his heart rate dropped dangerously low .the next day they released him there logic is he is to weak for angiogram or for stress test or to place pacemaker. but he can go home i do not follow this they said if he gets sick again just keep on calling paramedics and bring him back to hospital. apparently because his speciaist is on holiday they do not like infering with his treatment out of proffessional courtesy. whoop yee for them what about stephen. they said if he gets worse they suppose they will have to do something. also they informed us they think he has weakness on other side of his body. and that it is possible he had another stroke about a month ago. he is very tired and unwell today. so that is my update hugs to all.

12-22-2011, 05:01 AM
I'm with you, that logic does not make any sense to me at all. He is too sick for the tests, so send him home and call the paramedics if he gets sicker??? How keeping him in the hospital until somebody does something so that he DOES NOT get sicker?? That seems to make more sense to me.
I am so sorry that there is so many health problems with your family. I know that this is causing you a great amount of stress. Please remember to take care of yourself also.
I am sending you warm hugs and prayers that you are able to find some moments of joy this holiday season.

Peace and Blessings

12-22-2011, 07:57 AM
Oh Kim! How do these people sleep at night? Is this typical of healthcare where you live? I am so sorry that you are having to deal with so much stress. How difficult for your whole family.

12-22-2011, 05:35 PM
Oh KIM, IM SO SORRY PLEASE know you and your family are in my thoughts. BE WELL and im sending you WARM HUGS and LOVE. XXXOOO

12-22-2011, 10:33 PM
Hi Kim,
Thinking of you and your family tonight.
Can't you demand that Stephen be seen by a new cardiologist while his is out of town? Doesn't the hospital have one on call? It just doesn't make sense to me.
I hope that things are going better today, and that you and your family can "have yourselves a merry little Christmas".
Gentle Hugs,