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12-12-2011, 07:13 PM
Hi All... I just wanted to get some feedback on whether or not anyone has had elevated myoglobin levels (which is tested if they believe you could have damage to your heart), paired with an elevated c-reactive protein test? I went to the ER last night because I was having significantly high blood pressure than normal (my BP is normally lower than the average person) and a racing heart beat, my irregular heart beat was more noticeable than ever before and I was basically laying on the couch watching TV. I got incredibly dizzy and so sore and weak all over my body that it was difficult to walk or function. The ER did a full work up of the heart which did show the elevated levels I mentioned earlier, which are indicative of either heart damage or kidney problems, which the doctor said could both be related to the lupus. I was just diagnosed in July so I am very worried that it is getting worse, but my rheumy basically brushed me off when I told them last and said to just stay on the steroids then if I feel that bad. I am clearly going to go to a different rheumy... but until then I am very worried that I could be in the nephritis side of things now or that it has affected my heart. Any guidance or experience would be much appreciated.\

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12-13-2011, 07:37 PM
Hi Sarah. Lupus can affect your heart, so if you are able to self-refer to a cardiologist, you might want to do that. Maybe your PCP can help you find someone who is knowledgeable about lupus heart disease. I recently went through a cardiac catheterization and echocardiogram and they found mild damage from lupus (pulmonary hypertension, decreased pumping ability, mild pericardial effusion and suspected small artery spasms of the cardiac muscle.) My c-reactive protein has been elevated for many years, but I don't know if anyone has checked myoglobin levels.

Did your irregular heart beat show up on the monitor at the ER? Mine is always quiet when I am being monitored - very annoying. I also have times when I get weak and dizzy and for me it means a flare. A bump up on my prednisone for a few days usually does the trick. If your rheumy has said you can adjust your steroid dose when you flare, you might try that. If you feel much better, then you know it was lupus. If you get sick again as soon as your dose goes back down, then someone probably needs to see what is going on. Lupus can also affect your skeletal muscles (myositis) and that can cause your muscle enzyme levels and c-reactive protein levels to go up, too.

While you wait to get in to a new rheumy, and maybe cardiologist, it might be a good idea to keep a journal of what is going on and get copies of your ER records and records from the old rheumy. The moderators here will advise you to always get copies of your records and keep them in a binder to take to your appointments.

12-13-2011, 09:47 PM
Are you in SA or in Houston? If you are in SA, the best rheumy in town is Dr. Emily Pineda.