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11-16-2011, 01:34 PM
This year again, I got sick after coming back from our vacation in Texas, this makes it the third year in a row.
Because I am stubborn, I have waited way to long to see my doctor. I have been coughing ( more like hacking up a lung) for over three weeks now.
Yesterday at work, I coughed so much, that I lost my voice and my boss felt sorry for me and send me home. My breathing was pretty bad and I coughed all night, ending up laying on the couch, so that at least my husband could get some sleep.
At 8am sharp, I called my doctor, the receptionist told me to be there in 15 minutes and since I live right around the corner, I was there in 10 minutes.
Well I have a double ear infection ( never had one in my life), throat infection, sinus infection and bronchitis. My breating was bad, so he gave me a breathing treatment and prescriped Tussi.. something cough syrup, Symbicort and antibiotics. I have taken a dose of each and already feel a little better, my voice is slowly coming back too.
And of course, my husband said, " i told you two weeks ago to go to the doctor, if you would have listened, you would have not had to suffer for so long". I had to promise him to never wait this long again. When he is right, he is right.
Here is my question, is there anything I can do, before we go to Texas next year, to try and prevent this from happening again? I don't know, if I catch this crudd from the airplane, or in Texas, or from the temperature difference.


11-17-2011, 08:36 AM
I've landed in the hospital a couple of times now after vacations, and I've even been in the hospital while we were still on vacation (btw, Williamsburg, VA has a *very* nice hospital facility not too far off of I-64 on the Northwest side of town... just thought I'd throw that in here). What usually happens with me is allergies first, then from trying to do too much in too short of a period of time, I get worn-out, and the combination has done me in multiple times. So, next time we go somewhere (soon, please!), we'll *have* to reduce our schedule so that there's more time for me to sit still and do some good resting. And before we leave, I'm going to tank-up on the allergy stuff, such as nose spray and otc claritin-type stuff, and take it when I should... Maybe I'll have some success. However, I'll say this: I've gotten sick *every* time we've gone to Florida. I think it's the tree pollen, but can't prove it. The kids want to go to Orlando again sometime soon, but I'm more than just a bit scared of doing that... We flew the one time, and I thought my ears were going to explode when we came in for a landing back at home, my ears were so full... I've missed at least a week's worth of work the last several "vacations" we've taken. Sorry 'bout the rambling... new drugs and all, ya know?