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04-15-2006, 07:55 AM
Hello. My name is Jennie. I'm 23 and currently awaiting a diagnosis. My ANA is positive. I have joint pain, fatigue, my hair is falling out, I'm dizzy all the time, my blood tested positive for Sjornes and I have Raynauld's. I'm waiting to be perscribed plaquonal. We're just waiting for a clear CAT scan on my abdomin. But I'm a bit scared and rather alone. My joints are painful and swollen. I've been living on pain killers for a few months. I'm always sleepy. I can't drive, and I'm scared that the medication isn't going to work. So nice to meet everyone, and its nice to not feel so alone.


04-15-2006, 10:35 AM
Hi Jennie;
We are so happy that you found us. I am sorry that you are in pain right now. I know how anguishing it can be waiting for a final diagnosis. Please try not to over stress yourself. That, alone, can exacerbate your symptoms. I would suggest that you do as much as you can to learn about Sjornes and Raynauds (as well as Lupus) so that the process will not be so frightening! The more you know, the easier it becomes to manage your health.
You will find that everyone here is willing to help you by providing information, comfort, support and understanding. We especially want you to know that you are not alone, that someone here will have gone through whatever you are experiencing and will be happy to help you in any way they can.

I wish you the best. Remember, we are here for you!!
Peace and Blessings

04-15-2006, 01:23 PM
Thank you! I'm going to go to a support group this week to actually meet real people (not that you all aren't real, but you know what I mean.) I think the hardest part of all of this was seeing how sad my mom is. She hates to see me in pain, but there's nothing she can really do. Ive been doing my research on everything, and I think I'll go crazy if I read anymore. :) My biggest fear is that the meds won't work and my life will never get back to normal.

04-17-2006, 12:44 PM
Hi Jennie, I'm new to this site also and I am also real excited about it. It really helps to have someone to talk with that really understands what you are going through. Hang in there, you will have better days I promise you. Once the doctor gets your medications correct, it will help. Also, learning all you can about the disease and how you can help avoid flares is a good idea. There are some good websites now. When I was diagnosed 25 years ago, you couldn't find anything. Please feel free to email me if you need someone to talk to. I hope your pain eases up soon and you have a better day!