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10-21-2011, 06:28 PM
well everyone i tried to play superwoman again and take my 16 year old to taronga zoo in sydney as she has not been on train or ferry i decided we would go first i called local bus company to see if the time we were going a disabled bus would be on as they only have a few that lower and have space for walkers or wheelchairs they said yes so we walked to bus stop and 7.30 am only to get there and it was normal bus so we had to go home and get car we arrived at station all disabled spots were taken by people without disabled stickers by that time i was frustrated we had to park 20 minutes away so i walked with my walker i was in pain and tired i had to get train attendants to put ramp up so i could get on train it was crowded and people were bashing into me knocking me around because my walker took up to much space then we got to city and had to changed trains so someone had to be there with ramp to get me off people are such pigs they stepped in front of me as i was getting off ramp with hurling insults that i was in there way then we had to take lift to next platform where we repeated it all over again on with the ramp and 2 stations later off then the ferry terminal to the zoo was the last one so we had to walk to the end of the pier got on ferry again people trying to push in front of me when we got to zoo we caught bus to top so we could walk down but some rude people were sitting in the spaces for disabled people young people mind you and they would not move so i was crammed in like a sardine in a can we finally got in the zoo but the queue was long for tickets by the time we started i was exhausted the seats where few and far between going down the board walk i had my seat on my walker but stephen didnot and his heart is not well we slowly made our way down both stephen and i had to let our daughter go at times as we were just that tired my other daughter who also has lupus was with she was sore and tired to the heat was getting to us i was dizzy even though i had hat and long clothes to cover me up we finally stopped for lunch and the diabled toilets where locked we ask zoo attendants but they had know idea why after 6 hours walking at the zoo i was buggered i was in severe pain fatigue had set in and i was having breathing and chest pains i had rash on arms and down the side of my face where the hat had not covered and my neck then the ferry and train routine started all over again ramps on ramps off and my youngest daughter was harrased by some thugs they touched her and she became frightened by the time we got home i fell into bed needless to say i will not be attempting that again we will be taking car it was me just trying to be stubborn and not accept this disease has changed me.i get so angry somtimes and embarrassed as i feel like i am spoiling my families fun now thanks to my stubborness i am now flaring and now in bed when will i ever learn my motherlaw says i have to learn to accept my limitations but that is easier said than done thanks for listening to my rants and raves especially when they were self inflicted i should have known better hugs to everyone

10-21-2011, 10:12 PM
I'm so sorry that you had such a rough time. I thought that folks were rude to the disabled here in the US! I've actually found it much easier to get around than you did.
We have something called the Americans with Disabilities Act. All we have to do if we feel that we are being discriminated against is to mention the ADA, and most businesses will treat us fairly well.
I often get frustrated by people parking in the disabled spot or using the handicapped restroom stall who obviously doesn't need it. It's a pain, but we have to keep complaining to the authorities about it.
Rest, and feel better Kim. I know that you want to give your kids fun experiences, but I think that they will understand if you decide to do them closer to home from now on.

10-21-2011, 10:29 PM
thankyou marla yes i think some people are rude and yes i know i have to accept limitation think for such long trips will now need to use wheel chair was hoping to avoid for awhile but lookslike i cannot such is life if it helps me do the things i want then it cannot hurt hugs kim l

10-22-2011, 12:53 AM
I'm sorry if I dont address everything or miss the point, I tried to read all of your post but without any fullstops it was very difficult. In nerdland we call it being crit by wall of text. :D

I get really cranky when people without babies park in the parents spots... let alone the disabled spots. I am so sick of the younger generation being so darn rude!! I mean even I stand up and give seats to pregnant ladies, disabled people or the elderly. I have in the past asked stupid kids to stand up so an elderly person or pregnant lady can sit down. They move, Im a very intimidating girl : )
I do have to say though, sydney would be TERRIBLE compared to the rest of Aus... I stopped over in sydney on the way to melbourne once and never wanted to go back just from that one experience.

10-22-2011, 03:25 AM
sorry if i didnot put fullstops in my sentences but i was emotional at the time and my brain does not work as well as it used i will try to do this from now on i did not know this was a problem i am flaring at the moment and not well and fullstops was the last thing i was thinking of.