View Full Version : PAIN!-Burning/Cold/Aching??

10-21-2011, 05:44 PM
So tonight I am experiencing symptoms in one arm for the majority. It is from my right shoulder down into my right arm. Symptoms are as follows:

-Arm feels cold and right hand is significantly colder than the left one
-Aching in whole arm
-Whole arm is tense and the tendon in the right forearm underneath is tense causing my fingers(the last 3 digits esp. middle finger)to bend in toward my palm uncontrollably
-Shoulder feels like it has a heavy weight in it which is making my whole arm feel heavy and hard to lift

Other than that I've had low grade fevers for almost a week now and other Lupus symptoms including fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite,hot flashes/cold chills and sweats, aching, butterfly rash at times, etc. Had another weird episode last night as well but that is for another post! lol Any ideas on this though?? Thanks and hope all are well.