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10-11-2011, 09:12 PM
I haven't been on in awhile. I try to stay connected and at least read the posts on here but I haven't posted or commented much. Things are hectic on this end. Wedding is 2 months away and I'm anxious for it to be here already! I've decided a year for planning drags on entirely too long. I just want to be married already. All this planning and figuring everything out is so stressful. I'm sort of freaking out about all the stuff needing to be done still. There seems to be so much that needs to be accomplished in such a short time it's ridiculous... Even having a year to plan everything i feel it's only half done. I just want to be a wife and go on our honeymoon! Finiancally things are a bit tight since my fiancÚ second job just closed down. It was all extra money he made in that job so it doesn't effect our living situation or bills or anything it was just our play, spending and wedding money. That's a bit stressful to have to adjust to. All the wedding stuff is having to fall on my parents now and that doesn't ease my mind very much. They say it's going to be fine but it's alot of money they weren't planning on spending and I'm scared it's not going to work out... But it's going to be fine. In the end the only thing that matters is I marry him... I have to keep telling myself that.
On the health side of things, I'm doing alright. I'm tired alot of the time due to all the stress going on. I finally paid off all my doctors bills then ended up with more. Awesome. I've spent about $2000 in Medicaid bills since April. Kind of ridiculous. Just adds to the money issues. Seeing as that money was suppose to be wedding money... Funny how that goes. I just recently went in for an ultrasound of my abdomin to be told I have gallstones and will eventually have to get my gallbladder out at some point. Though I just need to wait it out until it starts giving me alot of trouble. My body aches a few times a week but I haven't had any swelling except for my knee a few days ago and my chest pain is gone. Mostly I feel this is undercontrol for now and I think the rest of it is something I just have to become use to because I feel it's just going to be apart of my life now. For the most part though I feel like it's better then it was a year ago so I think that is the positive thing.
I just have to take a deep breath and stay calm and be happy about being a bride and getting this thing manageable. I'm excited for the upcoming wedding events such as the Bachlorette, shower and cake tastings. I'm also looking forward to the holidays and our honeymoon. It's going to be fine.
Anyways I just wanted to give you all an update on what's going on and let you guys know I still get on here and check how everyone is doing. Maybe after the new year I'll have more time to actually chat and respond to thing! Hope everyone is doing well and life is treating you good.

10-11-2011, 09:55 PM
Congratulations! We just got my oldest daughter married off in July and it was stressful, but it was among the happiest few weeks I've had. I still go through the 1000 pictures and smile. Your wedding will be wonderful, and special and anything that doesn't get done won't be missed. Just enjoy your guests and CELEBRATE - and plan plenty of rest time.

10-11-2011, 11:05 PM
In the end the only thing that matters is I marry him... I have to keep telling myself that.

i have 3 of my stepchildren all planning weddings.
i tell them the important thing is to enjoy the day.

remember, you are going to get more stressed these next 2 months.
please take some time for you.

and post a few photos of your day.

10-12-2011, 03:50 AM
Oh my! 3 planning a wedding at once. I'm sure that's a fun household! I keep telling myself it's all going to work out and in the end all that matters is I'm married to him. If I can figure out how to post pictures on here I will most definately post some to share with you all! The next two months are going to go by so quickly and I can't wait for it to be here!
@gizmo-congratulations on your daughter getting married! That must have been an exciting day for you all. I'm my parents youngest child out of 10 so this is a milestone for them as well. I'm the last one "the baby" of the family so it is bitter sweet for them. Though they are very excited about it. They adore my fiancÚ and have been waiting for this day for the better part of the 5 years that we been together!

10-17-2011, 05:46 PM
I'm so glad that we planned our wedding and eloped within six weeks - intense stress, but over quickly. That was 35 years ago on Oct. 23rd.
My daughter Hillary gave us just three months to plan her first wedding. She and her second husband did all of their planning - I just made the cake.

My youngest daughter Meghan outdid us all. She informed us that she was going to visit Tyler at his base and that they were getting engaged on Valentine's Day.
Suddenly that changed because he had orders and he wanted to get her onto his orders so that they could get housing at his next base. All of a sudden they were getting married on Valentine's Day, and we had two weeks to get the family there and get a wedding together. That was a whirlwind wedding, but we pulled it off, and it was beautiful.

Good Luck to you, Dora! I hope that you are as happy as Jeff and I have been all these years.
Hugs to both of you,