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10-06-2011, 08:29 AM
Hi all,

My name is Leah, I'm 27, live in Canada and work at a bank. I was very recently diagnosed with Lupus. This came as a pretty big surprise, as the only symptoms I've noticed are fatigue and joint/muscle pain, which is actually pretty mild. It is nice to know why I'm exhausted all the time, though.

I've been given a prescription for Plaquenil, which I'm going to start tonight. Thus far, there's no issue with my organs, but the doctor made it pretty clear to me that that could change and that the medication should help that. He also said that he doesn't see many patients this early on, so that gives me hope that things will be manageable at time goes on, but, of course, there are no guarantees.

Basically, I'm nervous and a little scared, but I'm glad to have found these forums. It helps to know there are other people here. So hi! I'm glad to have found you.

10-06-2011, 03:10 PM
Hi there!
Welcome to the Forum ^^
It's very good that you've been diagnosed and are starting treatment/medication early, as drugs like plaquenil can help to prevent the organ failure from happening. They say that the further along that they catch it, the harder it is to get it under control, so you're very lucky in that essence :)

It's okay to be nervous, we all were when we first started getting sick or diagnosed. The good news is that you've done one of the hardest things to do for so many - which is get diagnosed. If your symptoms are mild, then hopefully they can continue to stay mild and manageable since you caught it so early.

Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say hello and welcome to the forum!
If you have any questions or just want to rant, feel free to have at it :) Everyone here is very supportive, and informative. Plus it's very nice to have a place where you can talk to people who understand what you're going through.

10-06-2011, 07:21 PM
hi and welcome.
getting medication early is a good thing.
organ damage usually happens when your lupus is out of control.
correct medication should reduce the risk of this.

please read a few threads, and ask questions when you need to.

10-06-2011, 07:59 PM
Welcome Leah! This is a great place to find information and support, but also to share your experiences with others. Hopefully you will do both. I agree that you are fortunate to have gotten a diagnosis this early, and that you have a doctor who is proactive in treating you.

10-06-2011, 09:37 PM
Hi Leah;
I am so glad that you found us and that you decided to join us. You are quite fortunate that your Lupus was found and diagnosed early and that you doctor is beginning treatment right away. As has been mentioned, early diagnosis and treatment can be quite crucial in managing your Lupus and avoiding flare-ups or worsening of symptoms.
Please browse through our forum here, read the "stickys" and make yourself at home. You will learn a lot and you will meet some of the kindest, most comforting and informative people on the web. Feel free to pop into any conversation that you like, or even start a thread of your own. We are a global family here and we care deeply for each and every member, that now includes you :-)

Peace and Blessings