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09-20-2011, 01:21 PM
I have been experiencing pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding. A 5cm cyst was discovered a few months ago. Recently, I have had abnormal bleeding between my irrigular menustral cycle. I went to a OB and he told me" I am looking at cancer." Needless to say, I broke down. I have had significant weight loss and hair loss. Thank God, the Biopsy came back negative even though, I am still bleeding. My husband asked the Dr." Is this related to Lupus. The Dr. said, "No, lupus doesn't cause cyst or abnormal bleeding." He does want to do a full hysterectomy. By the way, I'm in my late 30's, I have a 16 yr old. Six months after his birth I had an etopic pregnancy, so I had them tie the other side.

I am on Plaqenuil(not sure if I spelled that right).

I have a few questions:

1. Are cyst's common with lupus?
2. Should I be concerned about Hormonal therepy?
3. If this medical problem is associated to Lupus, is there a way to find out? (According to my hormone levels, they are normal).
4. I do have excessive hair growth, is it possible that Lupus can make certain blood check ups appear to be normal? when in fact you're presenting signs of hormone imbalance?
5. Does anyone experience a lump feeling in their throat? (my thyroid US was negative).
6. Does anyone ever smell Metal? I periodically smell it and its annoying.

Lastly, should I have him check for endometreosis?

I'm new to this unpredictable disease and I really don't feel like I'm getting the right treatment. It would be nice if Dr.s would be honest and just say, "I don't know," I feel like a ball that has been bounced to so many Dr.s, I am running out of air and it would be a relief to understand what is going on. So I can have a better understanding and be active again.

I apologize for all of the questions and concerns. If anyone could shed some light on this disease and how to approach these Dr.s would be greatly appreciated. I Do understand that attitude is everything........ I am doing my best to be positive.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your response.


09-20-2011, 04:08 PM
First let me welcome you to WHL. You have stumbled into a wonderful group of people.

This is one of the things that I would have to agree is not from Lupus. Having said that, just about anything can be caused by lupus indirectly.

The first thing that should be done is that someone needs to slap your doctor. There are a great many people that get ovarian cysts and a low percentage of those people actually have cancer. I had ovarian cysts since since I was in my teens. The very first thin that did for me, and for people that I know with this problem, is to give birth control pills. Often time that alone will shrink the cyst. You would have to talk to your doctor to know if your body could handle the hormones now. If not they move to the 2nd step and that is removing the cyst. Once again, pretty easy. It is an out patient surgery. They make 2-4 tiny incisions in your belly, go in with their laser and take those things out.

If they are left to alone they will get worse and the pain will be pretty bad. You really need to have someone deal with the cyst issue.

Now, on to the "metal smell". I do not want to scare you but you need to see a Neurologist pretty quickly. Phantom smells can be from a number of neurological issues. I had the "burning rubber" smell and it turned out to be seizures. Anything that has to do with to do with organs (heart, lungs, kidney, brain) we don't put off. Those are the things that need to be worked on or fixed without delay.

Hope this helped a little. I look forward to getting to know you