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09-08-2011, 05:54 PM
Not what I like to hear from my doctor!
In june I went for a routine visit with my ruhemy-he asked how I felt and I told him about the same as when I saw him last(in march). He ordered the normal-typical blood/urine work and I went on my way with the same med order I had been on.
A few days later he called me and asked how I was doing(nice but unexpected-this level of personal interest)
He asked me to come in because he wanted to change my meds-I went in expecting he might lower my dose but instead he added methotrexik(sorry i know thats spelled wrong but i'm sure you know what i mean)and directed me to return in 2 weeks. He told me that my blood work showed I was sicker than I was relaying to him.
After two weeks on mtx,my sed rates had risen higher so he increased my mtx dose to 6 tablets once per week /and ordered a repeat of the usual blood/urine tests and told me to come back in 2 months.

Which brings us to today. In anticipation of seeing my ruhemy today I had the normal blood/urine testing done last saturday. I had to cancel my appointment today because I couldn't get away from work.

He called me at home because I missed my appointment to ask me if I have been taking my meds regularly-which I have. He asked how I feel -I told him slight fever,sore muscles,aches ,pains,minimal rashes and joint pain which for me is not bad-what has become normal for me.
He told me he is confused-my blood/urine came back ok-except my anti ds DNA levels are very high.

His being confused and concerned,along with all the personal attention really concerns me.
When i canceled my appointment I rescheduled for 2 weeks- he told me to make sure I take my meds,call if any changes and see him in two weeks.

So I guess my question is what might a high anti ds DNA -along with otherwise normal blood/urine tests be indicative of.

Thanks Niall

09-12-2011, 01:29 PM
Anti-Dsna antiboides (anti-double stranded antibodies) are specific to Lupus (they are not commonly found in any other auto-immune disorder than Lupus). Once the body has produced the antibody, it will never go away. However, the levels can be treated with medications (one of which is Methotrexate).

Autoantibodies seen in lupus are directed against nuclear antigens such as nucleosomes, DNA, and histone proteins that are found within the body's cells and plasma. Autoantibodies are involved in disease development either by forming immune complexes that lodge in our organs, disrupting our normal organ function, or by cross-reacting with targeted antigens and damaging our tissue.
Targets of autoantibodies are usually the nuclear and cytoplasmic macromolecules, lipid components, and plasma proteins. The most frequently associated autoantibodies in SLE include smith (Sm), nucleosomes, histones, and double stranded (ds) DNA. Anti-ds DNA antibodies are the most frequently detected antibodies in Lupus.
Your doctor may be a bit confused because you Anti-dsDna levels are high, indicating that Lupus is definitely present. However, your other labs are normal and you are saying that you are doing OK. So, he is thinking that you do have Lupus, but you are not showing or relating any other indicators of Lupus. So he has to rely upon what you tell him and he feels that your are not feeling as well as you say that you are. So, he is attempting to assure that your symptoms do not worsen. To do this, he is prescribing medications that may help to lower the levels of your Anti-dsDna and to (hopefully) prevent future symptoms.
It sounds to me as if this doctor is A KEEPER. What you must do now is to keep a log of everything that you experience (health-wise) and pay close attention to any symptom that you may be feeling. When he calls to ask how you are feeling, he is looking for any indication that other symptoms are present, which would require early treatment in order to keep them from worsening. So, be totally honest and very specific with him the next time that he inquires about how you feel.
Do as he says, continue to take your meds and contact him immediately if your symptoms change or if new ones appear. His confusion and concern are an effort to treat you quickly and appropriately and to know exactly what this illness is doing to your body. He is apparently a doctor whose primary concern is to treat you and to make sure that you are getting relief from any symptoms; rather than a doctor who says "well, your other tests are normal, so there is nothing wrong with you. Go home and take some Aspirin or see a psychiatrist because you must be making all of this up!"
I hope that I have answered your question. Please let me know if you need any thing further.

Peace and Blessings

09-12-2011, 03:21 PM
WOW- Thank you for such an indepth answer!

I have been looking up terms/blood test info on the internet but you really bring it all together in a way that is understandable-which is quite a gift.

I have had a good feeling about this doctor so I'm glad other people see it as well.

Thanks again Niall

09-13-2011, 08:35 PM
Thank You..that is why we are here :-). I am glad that you have a good feeling about this doctor. If you need us to research anything at all, please know that we are more than willing to do so for you. It is our aim to help each person here to become well informed and to understand all aspects of how this illness affects each of us. Thank You Again for the compliment.

Peace and Blessings