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09-07-2011, 05:01 PM
well i finally got mikaela settled in distance education and she loves it now i am being told they want to put her back into mainstream school again she loves what she is doing now but i have been told i have no choice even her mental health councelor will not help she thinks she needs more interaction with kids her own age she has interaction she goes to youth group twice a week next term she is enrollling in musical theatre as well as singing and drama classes. things have finally settled down now it just going to be stirred up again i just do not understand why people just cannot leave something alone that is working it seems like i have no say over my own child the goverment seems to have taken over everything the extra stress this has now caused me and stephen is unbelievable she is my child i gave birth to her i raised her i am sick of them sticking there nose into my business sorry if i sound angry but i am i am absolutely furious that this cycle will start all over again because of busy bodies also mikaela became ill on weekend we had to call paramedics she had severe vomiting and dioreah we had to wait 6 hours to see doctor and when they gave her something for vomiting called maxolon she had severe reaction and had seizure. so been good week i have been sick all week as well just venting thanks for listening

09-07-2011, 05:23 PM
kim, what are the homeschooling laws there? i know they are different around the world. here thank goodness that can't do that, unless they prove they're not getting an education equal to that which would be provided in school. (((hugs)))