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09-06-2011, 04:20 PM
ok I have waited years to get the the rhumy dr. no insurance and lack of money prevented me until today. That's beside the point. Any way I had my ana completed and was told on 8/8/11 was positive for lupus, but that there was something that was attacking my joints at a high rate and that I had no choice but to go the a rhumy dr, had put off to long and was now causing other problems. can't help my husband and I lost our jobs 6 months from each other. Was not real happy with the dr I was sent to, He walks in ask about 3 questions and then said go take these blood test and come back in 3 weeks. There was over 13 test on the lab papers that he gave me. I took a picture of the lab paper so I could look up what he was doing since he would not explain it to me. Any way went to check out at the dr when the receptionist told me that it would probably cost me about 2000.00 out of pocket to take the blood test that the dr ordered. I got upset thinking :grumpy:(what the F***):shocked: I don't have that kind of money dang I had to pay this office 200.00 just to get seen today and now they want me to fork out about 2000.00 for some test that I don't even know what they are testing for now. Well after talking to the receptionist I decided to go back to the clinic where they referred me to the rhumy dr to see what they could do plus they have a lab at there office and I like Dr woraix there.
Thank goodness , :yes:Dr woraix was there, he was able to talk to the head of his department and get them to do the blood test there. He even explained what they were doing and the cost was only 100.00 total. I had a Anti Dna test, Anti RNP test, Anti CCP test, R F test, RO/ CA test, Anti Centromere Antibody test, CPK test, SPEP/ UPEP test, and a C3 CX test, and 3 other test I did not get what they were.
After looking it all up online and talking to dr woraix I understand this more. But still would like someone one to help explain more where I might could understand some of this. It can be all so confusing. The test will not be back for 3 weeks I go back to the rheumy dr in Oct.

I hope now that I am getting in with the rhuemy dr that we are getting on the right tract. I have been fighting this for over 6 years now. At times all this can be very upsetting.

I hope somebody understands this post because I don't think I even understand it any more So confused my head is hurting and to top it all off my best friend's mom and aunt passed away last night, my son has an ear infection which is not helping me either.

09-06-2011, 05:49 PM
Hi Leaann
It appears to be a very stressful time for you we have all been through most of what you are going through but here in Australia we have a pretty good medical system that helps to take most of the money worries most of the time.

I am not an expert on your blood tests but they appear to be typical of what we all have had. I haveonlyrecently joined but I did spend hours yesterday reading many of the threads here and if you spend the time reading I feel you will get your answers. Also when I was reading i became much more relaxedunderstanding that many of the strange things going on with my body was not just unique to me. This made me feel so much more relaxed. I hope you have the time to go through the threads it is well worthwhile. For example there are ones that explain why a particular blood test is done and I found it wonderful much better than what a Dr explains.

Good luck and one thing I say to myself is while I was being investigated is that no name of a condition is going to make my day better or worse it is up to me to make the best of each day. Even if it is a day where my fatigue is overwhelming I just settle down with a DVD day and enjoy the movies with a chocolate.

I wish you well and hope your reading gets you the answers you need.

09-07-2011, 10:24 AM
thanks for your reply, I have been reading every thing I can find on the internet about this so that I can better understand what the doctors are doing. It has been some help. I have been reading the post for many years and it has also been a great help. talking to others who have this has been wonderful, everyone is so understanding.

I think over time I will get the answers that I am looking for.