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08-30-2011, 03:00 PM
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to see if any of you have had a percentage of atypical lymphocytes in their blood work for their CBC. I have never had them before and normal should be 0-4% and mine are at 6%. I do not have any of the diseases that could be associated with it. I saw my nephrologist today and I have to follow up with the hematologist. Unfortunately as so many of us are on immunosupressants, there is a higher risk for cancer. I currently take prograf and cellcept have been on the prograf a little over a year with the cellcept being over a number of years. I have also had cytoxan (many many doses since I was 11 and rituxan). So I am just a buddle of odds for cancer's like lymphoma!

I really think it's just he lupus since I am in a semi-flare right now and I have swollen lymph nodes just on the left side of my neck and back of my head. I have had one removed a few years ago that turned out to be nothing, just a side effect of the lupus.

Well anyone who has ever had this I would greatly appreciate a response. And I guess we'll see what the hematologist says!

Thanks All!

08-30-2011, 03:49 PM
Hey Butterfly!! Please don't freak out about this atypical lymph thing!! I'm a laboratory tech and I saw these all the time when I read blood smears for CBC's!! They are not usually a sign of cancer!! When they tell you that they see blasts in your smear, then you worry about cancer!! Reactive lymphs are seen in normal people all the time...they are prob present in you because of the lupus and the swollen lymph nodes! And I wouldn't be too freaked out about your %...that number is dependent on the instrumentation and lab procedure of the lab that runs the cbc...so if you were to go somewhere else your number could be in their normal range!!! I hope I helped ease your mind a little bit!!

09-01-2011, 03:12 PM
Amethystchic Thank you so much! My rheum still has me freaked out because I have some lymph nodes swollen near my collar bone! But I will take your knowledge and think positively!
Thanks Again!

09-01-2011, 06:56 PM
Hey Butterfly,
The swollen lymph nodes can be common with Sjogrens, too. I don't get them, but I've seen lots of people on the SJS site complaining about it.
Has the rheumy checked for SJS? Sometimes it can show up in the bloodwork as high SSAs or SSBs. Of course, many people can be sero-negative, too.
I had both high and it was verified by a lip biopsy, so I got lucky -LOL! AI diseases are so crazy.