03-28-2006, 10:24 AM
I was diagnosed with Lupus, and Raynaud's three years ago. After going through some extremely difficult times, it went into remission for 2 months only to show its ugly head again. This time however, with rheumatoid arthritis, inactive Thyroid and Fibromyalgia. I was previously on prednisone along with all the normal drugs they put you on, i.e. Plaquenil, chemo-therapy, muscle relaxers and sleep aids. I was totally drugged! Well to make a long story shorter, I broke my hip stepping off of a bike and had to have emergency surgery. 4 weeks later I had a severe staph infection and ended up in the hospital with heavy antibiotics. 4 surgeries later, I have a new hip and can walk again. However, I now have bursitis in the new hip area. I started seeing a naturopath and started taking all natural products from Arthur Andrews Medical, "Neprinol" www.neprinol.com It has started decreasing my pain, swelling and many other problems. Check it out if you want, it has been worth it for me. I am now on 3 medications only and am having relief. Not to the point where I would like to be yet, but hopefully soon. I am done with perscription drugs. I also take a natural thyroid, Cytomel and she started me on iodine drops. My energy is back and I almost feel human again. :P

03-28-2006, 10:58 AM
Welcome TM! you joined at just the right time, our site was down for a couple of months. Oh did we miss it!

We all understand the aches and pains, I hope your bursitis clears up - somehow I never thought of that after a hip replacement! I guess I figured the bursae just sort of went away.

Many of us have found that dietary changes (major or minor) have helped us - see the post in Laurie's lounge about veganism.

and i'm going to check out the link you provided.

Hope you'll post often!

03-28-2006, 11:56 AM
Hi Tina;
I was sorry to hear about your hip, but I am glad that the hip replacement surgery got you back to walking. I wonder why they did not forsee the bursitis and try to do something to head it off?
I am also happy to hear that the natural therapies are working for you. Whenever any of us are relieved of aches and pains, I am very happy to hear it
Best of Luck