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08-08-2011, 09:52 PM
So today I tried to see my opthalmologist and he happened to be out of town. I developed a chalazion in my lower eyelid which is a blocked oil gland. But my coworker recommended a doc that she goes to. So I got in and looked at it. He asked me if I wanted him to remove it, well of course and I thought that was going to be with antibiotic drops and continued warm compress and then f/u in a week. Well he said no antibiotics don't work that it should be removed by making a small incision inside my eyelid and popping it out. Didn't make it sound like a big deal.

Well stupid me should have said no, but I decided to go with it! Well it didn't turn out as planned....after he made the incision it started bleeding a lot and well I am on aspirin therapy for a blood clot I had a couple years ago for preventative measures. So too much bleeding and he couldn't get the blocked gland removed. SO I endured pain for absolutely no reason and then he says we'll just have to do medical managment which is with guess what warm compresses and eye lid scrubs!

Really, idiot! I am so mad. Mad more at myself for not being more conservative myself, but also mad because he just was so adimit that he knew what he was doing!! Then to top it off he prescribed an antibiotic eye drop for me to use to prevent an infection since I am immunosuppressed and the idiot calls in one that I am allergic to! I mean I put it on my history form! Look at it! UGG!

So sorry to vent I am just so frustrated, I can't sleep and I am already fighting a flare up! I am just so mad that I allowed it to happen, I know better but sometimes when it comes to my health my common sense goes out the window! I just wanted it to feel better!

08-08-2011, 11:09 PM
i had the same treatment for one about 2 months ago.
i bled enough that the doc put 1 stitch in the cut.

he is a good doctor, but had trouble with this.

08-09-2011, 01:16 AM
Oh, that's the pits! I'm so sorry and hope you get relief soon! I guess that's why my rheumatologist has always selected my eye doctor and wouldn't let me wing it. We have so many issues that need to be taken into consideration!

08-09-2011, 06:30 AM
blech! Well that sucks. There's no way you should be mad at yourself - honestly, the guy is a professional, and he should have been able to do it, no problem. It's not your fault he thinks he's better than he is!! Blech!