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07-24-2011, 02:10 PM
Well my husband and i are all moved into our new house.. what a lot of work to move! the predisone seems to helping me out a lot. I'm so glad the Dr finally put me on it.... it doesn't take all the pain away but most of it.. i did the other day break a vein in my foot its all bruised and was swollen for a few days. and boy did it hurt.. my MD doesn't know how it happened. I'm guessing lupus or the meds. has anyone had this problem before??? work has been so stressful. i feel I'm being harassed and discriminated against. i did talk to HR and of course they find I'm not... my rheumy said i need to find a new job because its way to stressful for me and ill keep on getting sick working there.. so my plan is to try to work till the end of the year then try for disability.. i know its going to be hard. but i figure i have Fibro, lupus, arthritis,asthma, and low blood sugar. so i might have a good chance. well thats my update in my life.. how is everyone else doing???

07-24-2011, 04:02 PM
Hello Tracey,

Lovely to hear off you and glad your move finally went ok but my god they can be stressful but glad to hear your at least getting some relief off the prednisone.
Tracey they're called broken blood vessels mate and besides Lupus and autoimmune diseases cause it, DVT can that's how mine happened i did a blog on mine showing my ankles and up my legs because the bruising can leave a scarring of a purple look. It may not happen again but with me it still happens.
The worry of work will make your lupus thrieve off the stress and make your symptoms work...you need to be really in a peaceful job and those are hard to find these days.

I wish you all the best trying for disability.

((Hugs Terry)) xxx