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07-02-2011, 09:51 AM
Getting ready for a BBQ, I did some food prep this morning, nothing major. I'm right handed BTW.

I'm sitting in a bubble bath and my left hand is suddenly hot. It's not tingly, per se, but the feeling is mostly in the fingers and is like razor blades being driven in my fingers and nails.

I washed my hands thoroughly with soap and lemon (thinking the cilantro was irritating them somehow). Ideas?

07-02-2011, 11:02 AM
Maybe a pinched nerve in your elbow, shoulder or neck? Try stretching and see if it improves? You aren't having any chest pressure, dizziness, sweating or indigestion, are you? Women have different (and subtler) symptoms of a heart attack than men.

07-02-2011, 02:01 PM
Gizmo is correct about checking for a heart attack. Women's often start with should/aram/and issues. If that is ruled out then my next question is "do you have raynaud's? That is actually how mine began. I would get in the bathtub and when my feet and hands hit the water they would feel so cold that they felt like they were on fire. I know that sounds weird but they had that sharp pain that you described. For me it took severaealwks to go from that to the color changes.

As long as it is not your heart you might want to pay attention for color changes and make sure to bring it up to your doctor

07-02-2011, 11:28 PM
Thanks for the responses, Gizmo and Tgal.

Yes, I do have Raynaud's, but have never felt anything remotely like I did earlier today. It lasted for quite a while and eventually diminished and then resolved. It took about 4 hours before it went away completely. I'll just write it down on my calendar so if it happens again I can report it to my doctor. The only thing I could compare it to was razor blades in my fingers/nails or if I'd been handling jalepenos and I'd had cuts all over my hands. It was painful. Another stupid medical mystery.

07-03-2011, 08:51 AM
Hi BonusMom,

Gizmo and tgal are right about keeping a check concerning your heart as these feeling do happen but i have Raynaud's Phenomenon and what you've mentioned about your fingernails just sounds identical to the pain i go through and it's summer here and it mays well be winter for the pain i'm having.

I do wish you all the best on sorting it out. Terry

07-05-2011, 02:13 PM
Hi BonusMom,
Have you talked to one of your docs about this yet? It sounds like the Raynauds was acting up, but I hope that they check on your heart, too.

07-06-2011, 06:32 AM
Hello Bonusmom,

How you feeling today??...i hope it's a less pain free one from the symptoms you described. xxx