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12-17-2005, 12:10 PM
I read or heard somewhere that flouride is not good for those with lupus, so when my DDS suggested a flouride treatment rinse to decrease the sensitivity of my teeth, I said not this time.

He's going to research it, but I thought I would too. I did a quick GOOGLE, and all I could find was stuff related to "we're poisoning the world and take our product to prevent it", nothing cited in Rheumatology magazines or under Lupus.org, etc.

Does anyone have any CREDIBLE research on this - or should I go ahead and let him do that at my next visit (sigh....when I get a tooth filled in January...)


12-19-2005, 09:18 AM
Well, there are those opponents to fluoride who say that it is a gas that inhibits the formation of antibodies in the blood, which causes a disruptive effect on various tissues in the body, which then confuses the immune system and causes it to attack its own tissues(exactly what lupus does!). Fluorine is a gas (many opponents say that it is a poisonous gas), as are the related elements chlorine and bromin. Fluoride is probably not essential to humans, although it is helpful in strengthening the bones and teeth and that is why it is added to our water supply. It is found only in trace amounts, about 2-3 grams, in the body, and most of that is in bones and teeth. The blood level of fluoride is about 0.3 mg. per 100 ml. Fluoride has no known function other than strengthening teeth and bones. The right amount of fluoride is water supply is about 0.7 parts per million (ppm), which is enough to prevent cavities but not too much so as to cause obvious fluorosis (person has had too much fluoride. People with fluorosis have white spots or blotches on their teeth. These spots can stain or become dark). It is felt that over 20 ppm (parts per million), much damage can occur, including decreased growth and cellular changes, especially in the metabolically active organs such as the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, and reproductive organs.
I guess this is another one of those issues that we need to educate ourselves about because many of our doctors do tell us to brush with fluoridated toothpastes. There are many websites on the pros and cons of fluoride, so we have to make our own educated decisions about it and insist that our doctors respect whatever decision we've made


12-19-2005, 10:39 PM
I have the said white deposits on my teeth from too much floride when I was a child!!! We had floride treatments every week when I was in elem. school, but on the plus side...I'm almost 28 and do not have any fillings!!! My doctors feel however, that very little is absorbed by the mouth interior, however swallowed could cause more problems!!!

They are not sure why...of course...but it seems every bit of floride I have my body doubles!!! They think it may be an environmental factor in my many health problems, but again, they are researching it...same as hair color and alcoholic bevrages!!!

Not sure if this made any sence...LOL...what was your question!!! :oops:

12-22-2005, 08:42 PM
I'm convinced that fluoride is a toxic waste by product from manufacturing aluminum. Fluoride is not fluorine. Fluorine is a gas, fluoride is a salt. No one that I know of will tell you that fluoride isn't toxic. It's VERY toxic! That's why there's prescriptions for it! There's a good documentary on it you could find on p2p: Fluoride.Deception.(Christopher.Bryson) .

I've never seen it linked to Lupus before though. The most common links are to thyroid problems, and bone deformities from what I can see.

12-23-2005, 11:45 AM
Thanks, all. Madthumbs, I've read that Bryson report, it is always one of the first that pops up on a google. I guess I'll need to reread it, and some of the other reports and decide for myself!

Saysusie, I figured if there were ANYTHING in the lupus research, you'd know about it. Thanks --

And shanniefly - if everything in your body doubles - let's hope that means your luck is double as well!

Hugs to all, and thank you for this input! :D