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12-15-2005, 09:19 AM
I have had lupus now since Feb. and the past few months I find that I get forgetfull often. It's sometimes just small things like someone gives me the car keys to put in the kitchen and when they go to the kitchen to get them later they aren't there and its a wild search to find them in the house because I can't remember what I did with them. They usually just end up in common places like by the computer or something but I never seem to remember the little things. I'm only 20 and very smart, I am in school so its not like I can't remember everything. I feel like I've almost forgot my concentration since I've been diagnosed and my mind doesn't remember things it doesn't think it needs too.

I also find I don't like to drive anymore because I don't concentrate very well. At night I try to avoid it at all costs just because ofcourse its dark out and you need to be more attentive. The only good part of this is my boyfriend and I always had two vehicles and we just sold mine because it was a waste to have it sit undriven. (I always try to look on the positive side so I guess it's nice to have some extra cash for the christmas season$!$!)

Does anyone else find these things apart of their lifestyle?

12-15-2005, 03:54 PM
Yes definitely...unfortunately this is part of lupus. I have CNS vasculitis and had seizures for several months before they found out how to stop them and to treat my lupus with chemo. Guess even those who don't have lupus of the brain have concentration problems. It's really troublesome when I was trying to train for a new job.

Hope it gets better...I carry a sticky notepad around with me or program reminders into my phone with an alarm so I don't forget. Don't know if that will help!

12-16-2005, 07:32 AM
Your post sounds like you are describing me. It really bothers me because I had such a good memory and remembered little details and could think very clearly. Now I don't remember conversations I've had or if I've already told someone something. I have to write everything down on a scheduler I have posted on my fridge. I also forget where I put things and it takes up a lot of my time searching for them. I also have the driving problem and don't like to drive long distances or drive at night. It's just hard to explain these symptoms to other people. I think you will find you are not alone in your forgetfullness.

12-16-2005, 09:30 AM
Well I wish we didn't have to put up with it but atleast we aren't alone and have others support. I do tell other people and they say "don't worry its nothing". But yes it is something!! It's very frusterating for me because I am very smart and like just the other day I came home from taking my dog in the truck for a ride and we came back inside and put his leash somewhere and couldn't find it after that. I had searched for days and had to end up going to buy a new leash!!! Another week later I was bringing out some shopping bags with christmas gifts in it and low and behold I guess when we came in from the truck I put the leash in the bag. I mean common mistake but how coudln't I remember. It's almost like everything I do now I need to tell someone.

Another frusterating moment this past week was my boyfriend had to go to traffic court to fight a speeding ticket(nothing major but wanted to try to get it thrown out!!!). So the letter we got in the mail stating his time and place etc. was an important piece of mail and becuase it was important I put it somewhere for safe keeping- somewhere that turned out very safe because I coudln't even find it!!! Oh boy, it actually makes me laugh looking back because theirs nothing I can do but still!!

12-16-2005, 10:57 AM
Yeah... I used to be able to quote whole conversations that I had with people... Now I even have a hard time remembering my own name at times!!!

I hate it...

12-17-2005, 04:49 AM
You know the weirdly comforting part of this thread? You're all younger than me.

It ain't just menopause. It ain't just old lady "half-heimers." ...sigh... :? we're all in this together!

I'll forget things at work all the time. I'm getting better about taking notes, making "to do lists," and keeping a work journal so I can refer back. Car keys? If I don't put them and my glasses where they belong... it could be a long hunt.

Oh, almost forgot :wink: stress makes the forgetfullnes worse. Staying focused and realizing that sooner or later you'll get the thought back helps me a bit.

Hugs ~~