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05-26-2011, 10:02 PM
Hey Everyone,
I hope that you all have a fun Memorial Day Weekend. I'll be out of touch for a while.
Tomorrow, I'll be helping with the last-minute set-up for our Wine & Beer Tasting/Silent auction.
We've decorated the ballroom and tomorrow we'll set up the tables with 118 auction items.
There will be 12 vineyards and 3 breweries pouring drinks and a chocolatier next to the port table.
There will be lots of food and goodies on several tables.
We'll even have a somlier (wine expert) teaching a class about pairing wine and food.
I've reserved a room at the Navy Lodge, so Jeff and I will make it into a romantic evening.

On Monday, we've been invited to a BBQ at the home of the Chief of Staff, along with the Base Commander, the Commandant of the school and a few other VIPs. We'll have an excellent spot for listening to the "Concert on the Lawn" at NPS, with all of the top brass! I'm going to bake an apple and a strawberry-rhubarb pie for it.
I know I'll be exhausted by Monday evening.
Have a great weekend,

05-26-2011, 10:48 PM
i am jealous.

enjoy and rest afterwards.

Linda From Australia
05-27-2011, 04:09 AM
Your weekend sounds wonderful. Perhaps you could tell us about some strategies you take to make sure you enjoy your weekend as much as possible.

I have no plans yet for my weekend. My husband has something on all day Saturday and Sunday, my oldest daughter might go with him. I don't know what my other daughter is doing, but maybe is she has some free time we might go out for lunch one day. My married daughter is working all weekend. So it is a high possibility that I might spend the whole weekend on my own. I will go to the pool to do my regular exercises and swim. If I am still not feeling too bad I will try to take my dog for a walk. I need to do some marking (grading papers), do a bit of housework, chat to some friends on WHL, but most importantly I will try to rest up this weekend.

The most exciting thing that I will be doing this weekend, is ...... to enjoy whatever I do, it doesn't matter what I do, I am going to make sure it is so much fun.

If I get to hang out the clothes, that is going to be so exciting, because ... I can do it!
If I get to do the dishes, that is going to be so much fun, because ...... I can think about how I shared a meal with my family!
If I get to walk my dog, that is going to be so refreshing, because ..... I haven't been able to walk my dog for a couple of months!
If I get to grade my students' papers, and some fail, that is so encouraging, because ..... I can plan lessons to help them to improve

I think my life is fantastic, even more fantastic since I have been diagnosed with Lupus, because I notice the smallest of things, I do not take anything for granted. I LOVE my life so much, even though I am in so much pain every waking minute of the day, because ... I am alive, and life is so precious, and I embrace every positive moment, and turn my sorrows and pain in to joys. When I have so much trouble walking, I remind myself that I can still walk. If I loose my balance and nearly fall over, I remind myself that I didn't fall over. If I loose my footing and bang my leg hard, I embrace the fact that I did not break my bone.

So my weekend to some people may seem boring and lonely, no one at home, and no where to go. But I will make my weekend fun, because ....... well because, I can. Imagine if I couldn't, now that would be so sad!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend Marla, you have inspired me to enjoy my life. Thank you for reminding me that life is one great big FUN RIDE..

05-27-2011, 04:14 AM
i love your new positive attitude.

enjoy your weekend, because you can.

Linda From Australia
05-27-2011, 04:16 AM
I always had a positive attitude, but it was positively hiding a bit, because .... it was

05-27-2011, 07:00 AM

Except for the rhubarb part of that pie, that sounds like a fantastic weekend! I'll be picking up my 1st brother tonight in Brooklyn and hopping over the bridges to NJ this weekend to see our other brother and sister and niece. My aunt is coming down tomorrow and we are going to have a little family gathering/BBQ. I forgot to pack my sunscreen last night but now that I am writing this I just remembered that I'll have to through it into my bag later.

Have fun! And be safe!

05-28-2011, 02:38 PM
Well i think our Marla is taking something extra on the side.lol and don't get to carried away with your arm flowing marla.

I really do laugh, now that's a life if i've heard of a good one, good on ya mate.

Loads of hugs to you marla. xxxxx

05-28-2011, 02:48 PM
Hey everyone,
Have a relaxing great weekend too, with huge FUN!

05-29-2011, 08:14 AM
Thanks Dana and the same to you also mate. xxx

05-29-2011, 11:19 AM
Sorry i did not see that Marla had posted this Bonita

05-29-2011, 11:21 AM
No Need to be sorry Bonita! We could have 50 of them and all of them would be important!

05-29-2011, 10:38 PM
Hi Everyone,
I'm just checking in.... We had a very successful event on Friday evening. We made over $7500 so far for our scholarship and charity fund.
I had a blast. We had 12 vineyards and 3 breweries pouring. I don't drink beer, but I tried way too many wines, especially the ports. I've been off of MTX for a month, since my rheumy won't renew my prescription until she sees me next month. I took advantage and imbibed.
We had a room at Herrmann Hall that night. I guess it pays to be on the executive board of the Spouses' Club and friends with the Brass. We had a suite on "The Admiral's Row".
It was a beautiful room. The only problem was the peacocks who live on the grounds - they make noise all night.

I spent ALL of yesterday with a doozy of a hangover. Jeff took me to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for pho last night, since I wasn't capable of cooking.

Tomorrow we'll be at the Chief of Staff's BBQ, listening to the Del Monte Brass and the Monterey County Symphony. I've already made a cheese ball. Tomorrow morning, I'll make my apple and strawberry-rhubarb pies.
It should be a great Memorial Day.
I hope everyone else is having a great weekend.

05-29-2011, 11:32 PM
Sorry i did not see that Marla had posted this Bonita

Don't worry Bonita, it's no problem. I see this thread talking about the things we've had planned or have done this weekend, and I see yours that's about remembrance and thanks. Both subjects are worthy of having their own thread.


05-30-2011, 04:45 AM
How wonderful to read your words! I feel like this most of the time. I noticed everything tastes better. Flowedrs are more beautiful. The smells(when I am not Nauseated) are more intense. I love more deeply and serve more passionately.

05-30-2011, 04:57 AM
Same to you!!!

05-30-2011, 07:36 PM
DH, BonusDaughter and I attended a graduation on Friday evening and on Saturday made a nine hour trek to Idaho to visit Mom. Today, we paid our respects to my Dad, who passed away last September, and BBQ'ed some baby back ribs......yummy!

It has rained every day since we left Cali. I am seriously ready to put the rainy season behind us and enjoy some 80 degree temps. I know, I know, be careful of what I wish for. Next week it'll be 100 degrees!

Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun, Marla. Sure hope you get back on the MTX before you start feeling poorly, Marla.

05-30-2011, 08:59 PM
Hi BonusMom!
It has been quite a rainy season this year! Luckily, we've had a string of beautiful days on the coast, and today was perfect.
We're home from a very nice BBQ. Pete cooked a tri-tip and everyone brought some nice side dishes. It was such fun to eat and talk with the music in the background.
It's been quite a nice Memorial Day weekend for us.

I'm glad that you had a safe trip to Idaho. Are you still there? Have a safe trip back!

I don't think that the rheumy is too anxious to renew my MTX. Since she doesn't keep good track of it (haven't had blood work since October), I'm not going to push it. I'm feeling ok, and I'll feel safer about getting back to taking it when I get back to my decent rheumy in Texas.
Hugs to you and yours,

05-30-2011, 09:40 PM
Hi M...your tri-tip sounds yummy!

Yep,we'll be in Idaho all week doing honey do's and visiting with Mom and then she'll be joining us for a couple of weeks in Cali.

How has the MTX helped you?

I am going in week after next for an EMG and week after that for muscle biopsy. Depending on those results, a spinal tap to rule out out MS (which I believe will be negative).

05-30-2011, 09:50 PM
Have you read the thread on the Sjogren's site comparing MS and SJS? It seems that a lot of us have MS symptoms without the lesions showing up on the MRI or the antibodies showing up in the lumbar punch. I've had both, and both were negative. Read that thread!
I'll be curious to hear what Dr. C tells you after your testing is done.

The MTX seemed to help some with the fatigue. It also cleared up my skin - the psoriasis patches in my scalp, the itchy skin and I haven't had one of those strange flaky sores on my body since taking it. I sort of hope that those symptoms come back, so I can tell the rheumy "Told you so!"

05-31-2011, 12:05 AM
I had a wonderful weekend. I took precautions to keep going and it really helped. I planned naps, slathered in sunscreen. Prepared food ahead of time and wrote everything down for when the brain fog comes. It all went well. I was a little tearful one night. Not sure why. I think realizing how hard it is and how much I have to work around this disease in order to celebrate life, can make me sad at times. But, for the most part, I had a great weekend!

05-31-2011, 02:16 AM
I had a wonderful weekend. ................. But, for the most part, I had a great weekend!

i love to hear that this desease does not have to take total control of our lives.

it takes an effort for us some times...... but the rewards........................................... ..