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05-17-2011, 08:55 PM
I'm curious. Are your primary care doctors doing routine health maintainance for you? Do they assume your rheumy is doing everything or do they have you come in to see them for yearly physicals, check your cholesterol, make sure you get screenings for cancer at the recommended ages, and look at your immunization records? Do your healthy family and friends seem to have more attention paid (by their PCP) to maintaining their health?

05-17-2011, 09:13 PM
I gave both my doctors written permission to send copies of my records to each other. My GP does look at those records and we talk about them. I've been with my GP for 10 and have a great rapport with her.

05-17-2011, 10:39 PM
my pcp also gets copies of everything from anywhere.
he writes reports to my rhuemy, as required.
i see my pcp for everysay things, or for checkups.
the 50 year checkup this year.
almost like a grease and oil change lol.

05-18-2011, 04:54 AM
It sounds like you DO get preventative care then? I am just wondering if others with chronic illness find that their doctors don't care about maintaining their overall health. My husband's PCP insists on yearly physicals, and they have caught some serious and potentially serious problems. The same office would give me 18 months worth of meds and then just check my BP. I've tried 2 different PCPs with the same results. I kind of feel like they don't think it's worth the trouble to do preventative care - whether it's because I have lupus or because I am overweight. I am self-conscious about my body and am not inclined to go ask for a physical.

I just found out yesterday that my cholesterol is high, but neither the rheumy who ordered the test, nor my PCP who got a copy, had told me. I self referred to a cardiologist because of chest pain, and he says my cholesterol is high enough to consider cholesterol lowering meds - and I need an cardiac cath because he thinks I may have lupus involvement with my heart. When I went to my PCP for the chest pain, he never even did an EKG or listened to my heart. Cardiologist says my EKG shows a partial heart block and my heart sounds are suspicious for pulmonary hypertension.

05-18-2011, 05:10 AM
sounds like you need a new primary.
some doctors are scared to treat a patient of another doctor.

your primary should know everything, that is why you call him your primary. (he is the first to know, and the first you see with a problem).
your primary should take care of the everyday issues and yearly check ups.

05-18-2011, 05:19 AM
My primary doctor and my rhuematologist along with my other doctors have reports of the care from each other as it should be because your primary doctor will see that all of your needs are met. It is good that they all have a good understanding about your care to give you the best medical care for all of your health needs. Bonita