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  1. Yet another New Med for me!
  2. from plaquenil?
  3. Anyone else do IVIG infusions?
  4. Does anyone have info on IRON infusions?
  5. Methatrexate Injections and Ulcers
  6. Prednisone?
  7. Steroid Induced Myopathy
  8. please dont judge me i am just curious and i plan on talking with my dr about this
  9. new here but was considering Benlysta
  10. Another step into the world of Lupus
  11. Med for Nervous System affected by Lupus?
  12. Prednisone
  13. Taking MTX and feeling terrible...will this pass?
  14. Another one on Prednisone! Mainly Asthma/breathing related
  15. Dear Rheumy, WTF!?
  16. 5 mg prednisolone
  17. anti-depressants and weight gain?
  18. Thinking of trying something new..
  19. Anyone happy with Celebrex?
  20. Lupus and Medications
  21. NSAID-induced nosebleeds?
  22. lupus study medication?
  23. Medications and results and or effects
  24. iPhone, iPad app for meds
  25. prednisolone or methotrexate
  26. How bad is prednisolone?
  27. Remedy for SUPER achy hands?
  28. Plaquenil Sickness
  29. Plaquenil and abdominal pain....forewarning TMI :)
  30. Prednisone issues...onto metho....?!...and possible Celiacs
  31. Anyone on plaquenil for 5-10 years?
  32. Generics....
  33. Starting cellcept while on vacation...eek!
  34. Accidentally took 2 doses at once..
  35. Prednisone questions?
  36. New here, but question for those who've used lovenox
  37. Sunscreen for the face.
  38. Started Methotrexate last night....
  39. Update/plaquenil nightmares
  40. Update on MTX Treatment
  41. Touting Benltsta? Anyone using it today?
  42. I hate cymbalta!!!
  43. tapering off prednisone
  44. Lupus trial medication
  45. Amlodipine
  46. Gastroparesis?
  47. epratuzumab trail medication
  48. Plaquenil Question
  49. Lamictal (lamotrigine) anyone??
  50. Seems medications aren't working, may go to Metho, or Benylista
  51. I got my appiontment for the trail
  52. Botox For Migraines
  53. Well..here we go with the Methotrexate....
  54. Going for the trials tomorrow
  55. Birth Control and AI diseases..
  56. Methotrexate and NSAID's...?
  57. The l*pus b*ble?????
  58. Levaquin....... dum dum dum
  59. Anybody had a really GOOD experience with methotrexate?
  60. Just got prescribed LDN....anyone else using it?
  61. New drugs to fight autoimmune diseases???
  62. Tapering prednisone.. Upping Lyrica?
  63. Plaquenil & Nausea
  64. prednisone taper
  65. just tired of taking meds!
  66. Insurers Making Patients Pay More For Meds
  67. Plaquenil for Short People (Newer Dosing Guidelines from Ophthalmologists)
  68. If only .......
  69. Butrans Patch......another out of the ordinary medication that im trying
  70. first benlysta treatment
  71. Learning more about Lupus, because of Prenisone.
  72. Question for those using MTX injections?
  73. Looking for advice on Cellcept
  74. Methotrexate and hair loss
  75. I B S relief
  76. Who does plaquenil?
  77. Paranoid? re: low dose of prednisone
  78. hair loss and plaquenil
  79. Need to vent about hearing aid....
  80. Help!!!!
  81. Steroid dosage and weight loss
  82. Plaquenil and managing low blood sugar
  83. Lesser of Two Evils
  84. starting methotrexate tonight
  85. Plaquenil and Vision
  86. Rheumy- " against my better judgement".
  87. Started new med tonite:/ a Lil scared
  88. Lyrica and its side effects.?
  89. Neurontin, been a few days now and feeling weird
  90. Making the move to MTX
  91. bit confused about meds
  92. Helmenthics?
  93. Stem cell therapy?
  94. Silly question - Plaqenil and Mtx at once?
  95. Any other Men w/ Lupus go on TRT HRT because of Low Testosterone?
  96. Doctors Want Me to Temporarily Stop Plaquenil. Terrified.
  97. To pain pill or not to pain pill...that is the question.
  98. Plaquenil causing low WBC count?
  99. Trying complicated maths here. Started on iron pills.
  100. Just a bit of support really regarding MTX
  101. Prednisone and swelling
  102. Plaquenil and platelet drop
  103. Neurontin, anyone?
  104. Plaquenil and breastfeeding
  105. basically called a drug seeker!
  106. New to plaquenil....please help :)
  107. Pregnancy and medications.
  108. Toradol - favorite joint pain/stiffness pain meds?
  109. Not to beat a dead horse, but questions about lamitcal
  110. How often for "short burst" steroids?
  111. Amitriptyline Side Effects
  112. Plaquenil at 5 months
  113. Ok, alittle help needed re: Cellcept
  114. Plaquenil rash
  115. Methotrexate and hair loss
  116. Lodine Dosage
  117. Good news for Mtx users!!!!
  118. Medical Marijuana For Lupus
  119. Lupus Nephritis-Cellcept and Rituxan Questions
  120. My Wife and Benlysta
  121. cellcept and pain
  122. Methotrexate Storage - preservative free
  123. shingles shot
  124. Next step up from pred?
  125. Men who done Benlysta Infusions
  126. Itp and nplate
  127. Nplate anyone?
  128. Rick's new adventure
  129. Cellcept feels like it gets stuck in my throat?
  130. Can we talk about Nuvigil?
  131. Sulfasalazine
  132. Methotrexate Injections
  133. Pneumonia shot?
  134. Prednisone aftermath...
  135. Methotrexate and cancer risk
  136. best replacement for Mobic / meloxicam
  137. Plaquenil and the flu season?
  138. Anyone take Tramadol/Ultram and an antidepressant?
  139. Lupus with a side of fibro...
  140. Vitamins or supplements anyone?
  141. Benlysta/Belimumab
  142. Methotrexate
  143. Plaquenil questions
  144. Lupus and Western Medicine
  145. Family pushing for 2nd opinoin?
  146. Prednisone 10mg for 4 weeks -- what can I expect?
  147. Plaquinel and pregnancy
  148. Amitriptyline side effect or Pred withdrawal?
  149. Plaquenil Eye Exams
  150. How often should one take prednisone?
  151. What a difference a small reduction in steroids can make and not a nice one either
  152. Cytoxan & Rituxan therapy
  153. Methotrexate alternative?
  154. Cellcept ease joint pain?
  155. I'm off the pred...I thought this was supposed to feel good?
  156. anyone gone off klonopin.
  157. Stage 5 kidney nephritis and high dosage of prednisone
  158. Celestone injections
  159. Cymbalta, plaquenil, xanax, and tramadol
  160. Prednisone flare dose question
  161. Methotrexate Injection happiness!
  162. Good lord this is ridiculous
  163. Celcept
  164. Opinions best med for fatigue pain?
  165. Pred Taper... Triamcinolone Injection... Viral Cold
  166. starting benlysta today :)
  167. Update, mental health therapist
  168. What to do AFTER the methylprednisolone taper???
  169. Med change for the first time in over ten years...
  170. Prednisolone,how much do you take?
  171. Heads Up -- Injectable Methotrexate RECALL
  172. Why Your Plaquenil is Even More Awesome than You Thought
  173. Imuran
  174. Solumedrol IV Push
  175. medications for pain and fatigue
  176. I have to stop plaquenil because of myositis : (
  177. Rituxan - How's it working for you?
  178. Adjusting
  179. Can you help explain Blood Tests and Medications?
  180. Plaquenil & Diabetes
  181. Doc say stopping Plaquenil b/c of rash - what's next?
  182. Has anybody taken Ritalin for fatigue/brain fog?
  183. Tips for weaning off prednisone?
  184. MTX has helped in some areas, but not in others.
  185. I took the Plaquenil Plunge!
  186. Plaquenil...missed a week
  187. MTX shots.
  188. Has anyone taken Imuran?
  189. Plaquenil and liver/sun/age spots?
  190. Indications For Meds Other Than Prednisone
  191. Here we go again.
  192. Solu Medrol infusion or injection
  193. Looking for advice when steriod doesn't work?
  194. Another drug to add to the mix - feeling pretty toxic
  195. pain meds
  196. Celcept, positives...
  197. C3 and C4 levels on Immunosuppression
  198. Self Help...Has Anyone tried?
  199. Lupus and Anxiety/Depression Meds...(and joint pain)
  200. Difference in Steroids.....clarification please?
  201. Today I was prescribed Tramdol and Flexirl (sorry for the spelling!)
  202. Plaquenil and nausea?
  203. Has anyone used quinacrine?
  204. Is prednisone worth it?
  205. Benlysta
  206. plaquenil reaction
  207. appetite suppressants
  208. Cellcept and skin cancer
  209. Medrol or Hydrocodone?
  210. Cellcept and just feel yucky!
  211. Natural Quinine over Synthetic
  212. Imuran vs methotroxate
  213. Any good experiences with Cymbalta???
  214. Question,need info
  215. Advice please! Mycophenolate, tooth extraction and antibiotics?
  216. How have we fared using Ozonated Olive Oil for Lupus lesions and other ailments?
  217. Cytoxan and Cellcept magnify Lupus symptoms?
  218. Cellcept reaction?
  219. Plaquenil and stomach pain
  220. First Benlysta infusion
  221. Melatonin linked to Lupus flares?
  222. First dose of methotrexate
  223. Benlysta Failure
  224. Do you ever go off medication?
  225. Inflammation pain meds
  226. Is anyone taking Lyria?
  227. Why so few Effective Drugs to Treat Lupus?
  228. ciprofloxacin and temporary mctd reversal??
  229. ACTH Stim test - how was it for you?
  230. Prednisone Dilemma
  231. Switching meds
  232. Innovative implant for dry eyes
  233. Has anyone tired CBD Oil?
  234. Supplements
  235. Any help
  236. Can't Seem to Tolerate B-Vitamins
  237. Methotrexate and flares
  238. Plaquenil and the recent price hikes
  239. SLE Lupus