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  1. Finger Pain
  2. MAJOR Cog Fog
  3. back pain
  4. New strange symptom!!!
  5. Positive ANA and Positive Anti-Centromere B Antibodies
  6. Do anyone else get these systems??
  7. positive DS-DNA
  8. Now what?
  9. Vasculitis
  10. Second opinion for AVN
  11. Out of 13 Children, WHY ME???
  12. Ok, what is AVN?
  13. No pity party allowed!!?!!
  14. Help!
  15. WHAT F()$ else????
  16. Two Days in Paradise and Several Changes in Treatment Plan--Long Post
  17. Lupus and ...
  18. Not the nicest topic relating to 'down below' (sorry) x
  19. Purple Hands and Feet- Not from temp
  20. Problem with my leg.
  21. I'm Sleeping My Life Away.........
  22. Just when I thought I knew what to expect...
  23. Blood Clot
  24. Liver
  25. weird lumps on elbows?!?
  26. New Symptom-Rash on my Hands
  27. Pain That Never Goes Away
  28. Anyone Else Have This Problem?
  29. Arthritis Question
  30. Hand Twitching
  31. could it be lupus?
  32. So very sick
  33. List of 63 Auto-Immune Disorders
  34. Strange New Symptom
  35. Dizzy Spell?
  36. Weird heart issues...
  37. More trouble, not that I didn't expect it?
  38. Neurological Eye Problems???
  39. Leg/Foot cramps!! Please make them stop...
  40. ?? wierd honeycomd looking rash on calves
  41. At least I only broken toe...
  42. Anybody have this?
  43. Blood Transfusions
  44. Important Info
  45. Is this part of lupus?
  46. Aches and pains...
  47. Is this part of Lupus
  48. Was having a cup of hot chocolate...
  49. Leg uncomforableness...
  50. CNS Lupus or MS?
  51. Crazy amount of pain!! I think my hip is toast...
  52. Tachicardia and heart monitor
  53. Symptoms for Me
  54. Recent Blood Work...
  55. Breathing problems?
  56. Went to Eye Doctor today
  57. Does anybody else have tremors?
  58. *cries* My hair is falling out =(
  59. Sezior and CNS
  60. the strange things that come with lupus
  61. Ohhh the amount of pain today.
  62. jerkin,shaking,tired and generally ill feeling
  63. Mouth Issues
  64. exhausted, malar rash more visible
  65. Sun Information
  66. Fever Question
  67. Flare Update
  68. Muscle Biopsy
  69. Sensitive teeth??
  70. Hurting and impatient
  71. Cheek Pain???
  72. New symptom ??
  73. Pain Diary
  74. Fluid retention frustration.
  75. what do WE do in summer??
  76. ANA question
  77. lupus in brain?
  78. Sun eye senstivity?
  79. Morton's Neuroma
  80. cold hands
  81. Inward foot
  82. Lupus Awareness Month
  83. Swollen lymph nodes
  84. rash that itches
  85. Bleeding bubble on my right eye
  86. Plaquenil cause UTI and weightless
  87. Totally had enough, more bad news it never ends
  88. Foamy Urine Anyone Else?
  89. facial hairloss
  90. Sinusitis
  91. Could I have Lupus?
  92. malar rash
  93. Menorrhagia and lupus
  94. Bi Pola & Lupus
  95. Lupus Nephritis and protein in urine
  96. Muscle atrophy
  97. Tingling and burning in feet
  98. I need a wheelchair
  99. Low Immunity Vs Autoimmunity with infections
  100. Myositis?
  101. Suntanning
  102. Question For Those With Seizures
  103. Counting My Blessings
  104. Dr. Thinks I had a heart attack!!!
  105. Another itch and rash thread.
  106. My lips just keep burning and blistering.
  107. Could I have lupus?
  108. Minocycline -prescribed & afraid to take...
  109. what stress means to me
  110. Tongue sores OUCH!
  111. Getting a nurse due to heart attack
  112. Is sle making you age & look older
  113. Random lip bleed
  114. General feeling of being unwell
  115. Butterfly rash & how it scars you with pigment colouring
  116. an update and a question about Medical marijuana
  117. Had bloodwork today and I think I have it
  118. Guys.... : (
  119. Is there a mono or a puberty connection? (two questions)
  120. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY. Going to cardiologist today!!!
  121. I just got a few results back
  122. Styes and chalazions
  123. My New Cardiologist SUCKS!!!
  124. Breathing problems
  125. More strange things going on!
  126. Chills and Sweats Without Fever
  127. does this look like a malar rash?
  128. Blood clot in leg
  129. Still waiting and had MRI
  130. Twitching from the waist down
  131. Edema?
  132. "It's not Lupus" ..... Quoting Dr House
  133. Can you help with my test results?
  134. Was I losing my mind?
  135. Why does my face hurt????
  136. Burning Hand
  137. Question regarding shooting pain
  138. Rash and stinging feeliing like bugs biting me???? Anyone else???
  139. Rocket trip anyone?????
  140. Muscle Weakness
  141. Protein in urine?
  142. Is this what it's like?
  143. Okay, Mr. Sun.....I get it now
  144. was my face red. And my arms, and my legs
  145. Update-Enlarged Heart?
  146. c3 and c4 conufusion
  147. First severe groin pain months ago and now foot pain on same side of body?????
  148. New eye problems%$#@!&%$&%@%
  149. pain in neck and shoulders?
  150. Nose sores
  151. Whats up with this!?!
  152. Calling all Lupie-Loos! I need ur best tips for sun protection - upcoming beach trip
  153. Things are getting worse and now I feel my GP isnt on my side
  154. Does lupus cause warts?
  155. Can somebody please explain?
  156. Is this true or not? (Red dots on the skin)
  157. How many member's need a break from their pc's
  158. Symptoms of other illnesses
  159. Battling the fatigue.
  160. Is my head all in my head?
  161. Skin Biopsy???? What does this mean??
  162. interesting facts from my pcp
  163. Charley Horses Anyone?????
  164. Found out what is wrong with my muscle atrophy
  165. brain fog understanding
  166. Swollen Joints
  167. Stupid question...
  168. Bad Week - Now symptoms are changing
  169. Blood Work?
  170. Strange skin soreness
  171. Plasma donation
  172. Pricking sensation and blotchy red rash on palms
  173. Need to Whine
  174. Burning in fingertip, what could be wrong?
  175. Heat and Lupus?
  176. elevated protein in urine?
  177. Dark blue bumps on back of throat.. Anybody have these????
  178. Is this a start of a flare?
  179. sudden rash
  180. Ends of Fingers Red
  181. lupus or rosacea and dry skin??
  182. Can a virus spark a flare?
  183. Frustrated...Lupus pain w/ negative MRI's
  184. Puffy, painful eyes and eyelids--Sjogren's?
  185. ANA results
  186. Muscle pain not joints
  187. Bronchitis, AGAIN!!!!
  188. Anyone used IUDs?
  189. Guess what the doctor said now!
  190. protein in my daughter's urine
  191. Could this be Lupus?
  192. Woke up in pain
  193. Tired of the red/hot/burning splotches! What are these? Google isn't helping me much.
  194. racing heart and high blood preassure
  195. I am getting tried of this BS
  196. Didn't get anywhere with the doctor today
  197. Little update
  198. 2yrs still no answer
  199. Palandromic arthritis
  200. Rhumey dr appointment today, not happy
  201. Hair loss
  202. Couldn't get out of bed.
  203. Call from Rheumy, " this is serious".
  204. at wits end with this itch
  205. Psychology of Lupus and 'dealing with it'
  206. ideas to help in a flare?
  207. rash on lips?
  208. Back cramps
  209. Rigt upper side pain???
  210. Numbness?
  211. Please help
  212. Intense headachs
  213. Puffy hands and feet?
  214. How important is it to see a rheumatologist?
  215. Pins and needles
  216. Stomach Problems
  217. TMI but important- Bladder Control
  218. Just got an "ANA" test need advice.?
  219. Time to Update
  220. feeling crappy
  221. Time for a Change
  222. Ugh, hating getting up in the AM to come to work
  223. Loosing my hair again :(
  224. BAck Spasms
  225. The Stress Finally Caught Up with Me
  226. buzzing, vibrating in my leg
  227. Butterfly rash
  228. Superficial clots anyone?
  229. OK, let's talk headaches!!!
  230. Interesting Fact about my seizures
  231. From too cold to too hot and then too cold again?
  232. Do your symptoms move around?
  233. Carpal tunnel vs. arthritis?
  234. Question about Lupus testing???
  235. How long from first symptoms to diagnosis?
  236. Lupus & Stomach Issues
  237. Gastroparesis... who else has this suspected to be caused by their lupus?
  238. Cutaneous Vasculitis??
  239. Do I have Lupus?
  240. So I am crazy?!? My primary thinks so and the Rheumy was no help
  241. Fired the Doctor
  242. Chest pains AGAIN!
  243. Sores in mouth
  244. PAIN!-Burning/Cold/Aching??
  245. Almost passed out due to bumping my knee?!
  246. Please Help Because I Am Losing It
  247. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  248. Multiple diseases equal similar symptoms
  249. A question about some tests my doc ran
  250. Getting sick with an AI disease