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  1. painful burning rash under corner of my eye
  2. My update and good news
  3. Finally diagnosed!
  4. 1st Rheumatologist appointment next week, what should I expect?
  5. Very confused...either i have lupus or i don't....which is it
  6. My First question, at least I think there is a quetion here somewhere
  7. Blood draw while fighting a virus?
  8. Has anyone on here been diagnosed with Lupus without a positive ana blood test?
  9. I may be joining you....
  10. How do you cope with it?
  11. spasticity relating to lupus medications?
  12. update and my mom
  13. Lupus antibody?????
  14. Is it the Lupus or the medications?
  15. Weird rash..??
  16. newbie from new mexico
  17. Appt. tomorrow, second 'stab' at a diagnosis
  18. went to the dr for my blood test results...
  19. 21 and struggling
  20. beyond frustrated!!
  21. 1st Rheumy Appointment Advice Please...
  22. And the results are in....
  23. Confused with results and diagnosis
  24. Question regarding flare ups
  25. Does Plaquenil knock your immune system down?
  26. Possibly new ACR SLE classification criteria
  27. Great appointment
  28. I'm beginning to doubt I have Lupus...
  29. Anybody else with Scleroderma?
  30. Going against medical advice
  31. Did Your Doctor Think You Had Lyme Disease?
  32. call from doctor today
  33. rheumatologist appointment scheduled!
  34. does it ever stop?
  35. trying to make the right decision on medication before morning
  36. Rheumy appt. next week!!!!
  37. what do you say??
  38. Recently diagonosed lupus
  39. Night shades fruits and vegetables
  40. Tired of the same question
  41. Temporal Arteritis
  42. I think I like my new rheumy!!!
  43. Is Lupus a progressive illness?
  44. Question for ladies with hair loss.
  45. Am I just overreacting?
  46. I'm not sure what to do (not diagnosed yet)
  47. Doctors are starting to talk lupus can anyone tell me if these symptoms sound like it
  48. In the diagnosis process right now...
  49. how to expaline to someone who has not clue
  50. First Rheumy appt
  51. Flucuating ANA and antibodies?
  52. Finally Diagnosed.
  53. plaquenil
  54. Lupus Profundis
  55. doctor appointment thursday!!
  56. Negitive ana test
  57. Do you ever feel normal again?
  58. 15+ years of fibromyalgia, now lupus??
  59. Tired of constant symptom assessment!
  60. Sun Protection
  61. Outdoor sports
  62. Bad days and pain.
  63. My doctor says my Lupus is stable but i'm still in pain am i crazy!? help!
  64. Working out, turning red
  65. Too young to be disabled?
  66. Lyme and Lupus
  67. waiting on referrals
  68. Haven't been able to get into the Rheumatologist...annoyed!!!
  69. New from Oregon strange AI symptoms
  70. I have a few questions?
  71. Surgery Advice Please
  72. More pieces of the puzzle?
  73. I have a question about ANA but was not sure where to post this!
  74. Diagnosed MS think I have Lupus
  75. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...
  76. Prednisone?
  77. I have a question about muscles!
  78. Back Pain?
  79. my friend made an important work about lupus
  80. hello there!
  81. Hello Everyone
  82. help needed in my lupus diagnosis
  83. newly diagnosed
  84. I'd like to offer some HOPE.....
  85. Have Many symptoms but not yet diagnosed. Trying to get my life back
  86. Pain Management
  87. Anticardiolipin Antibody
  88. Struggling
  89. suggestion to choose a doctor in Stanford University hospital/clinics
  90. Just saying hello again...
  91. It's official...
  92. Urine Testing
  93. Newly Diagnosed and New to the Forum
  94. I am so upset...
  95. Sick and Scared...
  96. Anxiety vs Lupus
  97. Shoulder Pain and a numb arm
  98. trouble breathing
  99. ANA Nucleolar - should me doc have mentioned this?
  100. your experience? trying to gain a better understanding.
  101. New Diagnosis - Intro/ 20something Collegiate/Supersonic Woman
  102. Is this a flare? This all new for me...
  103. Positive ANA
  104. Hashimoto's Question
  105. Long vent
  106. Rheumatologist has me Confused
  107. Surgery advice
  108. Question for those of you who have had a rheumy appointment
  109. Tired of the chaos :(
  110. My Story
  111. Frustrated (sorry this is so long)
  112. ANA question- new here! ☺
  113. SCARED- Legitimate, or have I lost it....
  114. My First Appointment tomorrow - you must reply to this!!
  115. Lupus rash? Sunburn Normal?
  116. lupus vs mixed connective tissue disease
  117. Does it ever get better?
  118. Chest pain/pressure, just part of Lupus?
  119. Re-diagnosed - Feeling Deflated and High at the Same Time
  120. neuropsychiatric lupus
  121. If I Use Sunblock, Long Sleeves and a Hat, Will I still Flare?
  122. Diagnosed with SE Lupus this week - Not quite sure how to feel.
  123. Itp
  124. severe sle
  125. Chiropractor
  126. Confused UCTD or Lupus interchangable
  127. Just Diagnosed, but not convinced
  128. Any suggestions for controlling weight gain on Predisone??? :(
  129. Marshal Protocol
  130. prednisone....
  131. Coping With Plaquenil Side Effects
  132. So very Confused (follow Dr. Appt in 2 1/2 Weeks)
  133. scared!! is a skin biopsy done only to look for lupus ? please help
  134. Mother and daughter both have Lupus
  135. Help for my mother?
  136. Not Yet Diagnosed But DS-DNA Ab Positive: Are Symptoms Right Around the Corner?
  137. Info re antibiotic protocol
  138. Test results after 3 months of treatment
  139. Can HIV cause a false positive Lupus blood test?
  140. Not diagnosed yet...
  141. Newly diagnosed and now getting eczema
  142. What to expect in relationship..
  143. Diagnosed two years ago with connective tissue disorder/mild lupus
  144. Anti-Native DNA of 300?? - told today I have Lupus.
  145. Lupus erythematodes discoides/ Skin issues, need advice
  146. Diagnosed 3 months ago
  147. Not diagnosed yet but cannot understand blood results... they look fine to me but ?
  148. Confused.. please help.
  149. Diagonosed with lupus
  150. Diagnosed Yesterday
  151. I was diagnosed a few days ago..
  152. Med Questions
  153. Diagnosed with lupus yesterday
  154. Time to Call Doctor? Go to Hospital?
  155. question about labs...
  156. Relationship advice...
  157. Lab Tests To Diagnose Lupus
  158. Diagnosed with Lupus, yet ANA is negative
  159. new to this,question about lab results.
  160. Just a few questions
  161. Help! No one knows what's going on? Possible lupus?
  162. test results
  163. Low Blood Sugar SE of hydroxychloorquine
  164. My GP won't treat anything Lupus related
  165. New and confused!!!
  166. Rheumy paperwork question: hv u ever had a nervous breakdown? confusing
  167. First rheumy visit now I am really confused
  168. So unhappy w/ new GP low sodium level 129
  169. feeling a little lost
  170. When will fatigue from morning does Plaquenil end?
  171. A welcomed relief from a chronic condition
  172. Do I really need long sleeves and long pants?
  173. Crying w/ Flares
  174. Is this Lupus or something different?
  175. The difficulty in getting a DX
  176. New Book Aimed at Young Lupus Sufferers - FABULUPUS
  177. Giving in and getting help