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  1. ImmuPharma PLC: Encouraging Final Phase IIb Results Seen With LUPUZOR? In Systemic Lu
  2. $3.6 Million Awarded To Drive Innovative Science In Lupus And Autoimmunity
  3. ImmuPharma Announces Final Results Of PhaseIIb Study Of LUPUZOR? In Lupus
  4. Julian Lennon And James Scott Cook Raise Awareness And Funds For Lupus Research
  5. Genomes Of Identical Twins Reveal Epigenetic Changes That May Play Role In Lupus
  6. $3.6 Million Awarded To Drive Innovative Science In Lupus And Autoimmunity
  7. Epratuzumab Receives U.S. Patent - Lupus Foundation Of America, Inc.
  8. The Lupus Foundation Of America Seeks Applications For Its 2010 Gina M. Finzi Memoria
  9. New Therapeutic Approach Identified For Kidney Disease Associated With Lupus
  10. Testing For Urinary Proteins Might Help Diagnose Kidney Damage From Lupus
  11. Antibodies Linked To Cardiovascular Disease Increase In Patients With Active Lupus
  12. Advocates Seek Increased Federal Funding To Bridge The Gaps In Lupus Research, Awaren
  13. Lupus Foundation Of America Seeks Proposals To Advance The Understanding Of Pediatric
  14. New Research Study To Follow Sisters Of Lupus Patients
  15. Another Vitamin D Link
  16. Lupus Foundation Of America Seeks Applications To Advance The Understanding Of Lupus
  17. Rescue NET For Lupus Patients
  18. Eduardo Xol From ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Bands Together With The Lupus F
  19. Fifty Percent Rise In Number Of Women 18-44 Hearing About Lupus Through Media, Survey
  20. 7th Annual World Lupus Day
  21. Mouse Model Demonstrates The Immune Cell's Role In Lupus Nephritis
  22. "Borderline Positive For Lupus" - What Does That Mean?
  23. Lupus Foundation Of America Says Results Of Latest Study Of CellCept Provide Encourag
  24. New Data Presented From EMBLEM™ Study For Pipeline Drug Epratuzumab For Patients Suff
  25. New Data Shows Epratuzumab Provided Significant Efficacy For Patients With Moderate T
  26. NATURE Publishes New Dynavax Findings On Novel Role Of TLRs In Lupus
  27. The LFA To Report On The Latest News From The International Lupus Congress
  28. Chinese Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Data Reveal Differences In Epidemiology Across C
  29. Clinical Differences In Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus Patients May Be Affected By Genea
  30. Oxidative And Nitrosative Stress Contribute To Lupus Disease Activity
  31. Research Presented At The 9th International Lupus Congress Provides Hope And Encourag
  32. People With Lupus Denied Health Insurance Due To Pre-Existing Condition May Be Able T
  33. New Research Uncovers Why Many With Lupus Are Resistant To Traditional Treatments
  34. Human Genome Sciences And Lonza Enter Commercial Manufacturing Agreement For BENLYSTA
  35. Researchers Uncover Biological Rationale For Why Intensive Lupus Treatment Works
  36. Human Genome Sciences And GSK Announce FDA Priority Review Designation For Benlysta(R
  37. Lupus Drug Benlysta® (belimumab) Priority Review Granted By FDA
  38. Study Identifies Genetic Variation Linked To Lupus In Asian Men
  39. Study Identifies Genetic Variation Linked To Lupus In Asian Men
  40. Lupus Researchers Will Examine Ways To Best Apply Findings From Lupus Mouse Model To
  41. Lupus Research Institute-Funded Study Points To Increased Risk For Lupus In Men
  42. Abatacept Found Ineffective In Treatment Of Non-Life Threatening Lupus
  43. Lupus Research Investigator Says Breakthrough Holds Potential For New Treatment To Qu
  44. LFA Awards New Grants To Fund Critical Areas Of Lupus Research
  45. New Grants Fund Critical Areas Of Lupus Research
  46. The Lupus Foundation Of America Congratulates Dr. John Harley On $1.1 Million Award F
  47. Lupus Foundation Of America Advances Clinical Research With Launch Of New Online Regi
  48. We've Come A Long Way, Researchers, How A Decade Of Research Is Helping Lupus Patient
  49. Hospital For Special Surgery Scientists Share Advances In Lupus And Related Condition
  50. People With Rheumatoid Arthritis And Lupus Often Skip Their Medications
  51. Researchers Find Clue To Preventing Heart Complications Associated With Neonatal Lupu
  52. General Pediatric Lupus Population Does Not Benefit From Statins
  53. New Assessment Tool Helps Shed Light On Lupus In Kids Worldwide
  54. Bringing Together Patient Care, Education And Research To Benefit Lupus Patients
  55. Epratuzumab, New Drug In Development For Systemic Lupus Erythamatosus Enters Phase II
  56. Lupus Research Institute Highly Encouraged By FDA Advisory Committee's Recommendation
  57. Lupus Foundation Of America Commends FDA Committee Decision
  58. Lupus Drug Benlysta Gets Thumbs Up From FDA Advisory Panel
  59. Lupus Foundation Of America Commends FDA Committee Decision To Approve Benlysta™
  60. Lupus Foundation Of America President Presents At Women In Government Summit
  61. Argos Therapeutics Initiates Dosing Of Patients In Phase 1 Clinical Trial Of Monoclon
  62. Children With Lupus Have More Lethal Form Of Kidney Disease
  63. Unexpected Role In Lupus Played By Immune Cell
  64. Moving Toward A New Era Of Hope And Optimism In Lupus Research, Treatment And Awarene
  65. Lupus Foundation Of America Achieves International Consensus On Definition Of A Lupus
  66. Link To Increased Atherosclerosis Risk In Lupus Patients Revealed By Researchers
  67. Lupus Foundation Of America Expands Services With Launch Of New Education Series
  68. Research At Virginia-Maryland Regional College Of Veterinary Medicine Uncovers Key To
  69. Failed Autoimmune Suppression Mechanism New Clue To Lupus
  70. Idera Pharmaceuticals Presents Data On IMO-3100 In Preclinical Lupus Model Showing Su
  71. Research At Virginia-Maryland Regional College Of Veterinary Medicine Uncovers Key To
  72. Failed Autoimmune Suppression Mechanism New Clue To Lupus
  73. Idera Pharmaceuticals Presents Data On IMO-3100 In Preclinical Lupus Model Showing Su
  74. Lupus Foundation Of America Seeks Research Applications To Address The Gaps In Medica
  75. Benlysta For Lupus Likely To Be Approved This Thursday, A Potential Blockbuster
  76. Lupus Advocates Paint Capitol Hill Purple
  77. Next Generation Of Scientific Discovery In Lupus
  78. FDA Approves Benlysta To Treat Lupus
  79. Lupus Foundation: FDA Clears First Lupus Drug Since 1955
  80. New Lupus Drug Results From Scripps Research Technology
  81. New Lupus Therapy Approval Coincides With Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month
  82. is benlysta safe/
  83. FDA Approves BENLYSTA® For Lupus In Breakthrough For Millions Of Sufferers
  84. Changes In Incidence Of End-Stage Renal Disease From Lupus Nephritis But No Outcome I
  85. Received long email don't know what to make of it, and want to share and hear views?
  86. S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Announces New Grants To Further NYC Scientists' Leadership In
  87. Study Of Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Stem Cells For Lupus Therapy
  88. Lupus Foundation Of America And RN.com Launch New Lupus Education Program
  89. Julian Lennon Leads World Lupus Day Observance On May 10
  90. Julian Lennon Leads World Lupus Day Observance On May 10
  91. Lupus Foundation Of America And RN.com Launch New Lupus Education Program
  92. Study Of Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Stem Cells For Lupus Therapy
  93. GSK Lupus Treatment Benlysta Reaches Europe After US Approval
  94. Lupus Allinace of America national survey
  95. Disease Activity In Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Not Increased By The HPV Va
  96. Results Showed 7 Out Of 10 Patients Reported That Lupus Affected Their Careers
  97. EULAR 2011 - Vidofludimus Superior To Cyclophosphamide And MMF In An Experimental Sys
  98. Survey Reveals Lupus' Ability To Wreck Careers
  99. LFA Represents Lupus Community At Pediatric Rheumatic Drug Treatment Meeting
  100. Study Of African-American Women Reveals New Genetic Risk Factors Of Lupus
  101. Glaxo's Revolutionary Lupus Treatment Benlysta Now EU Approved
  102. Lupus Study by PhD student-- PLEASE help
  103. Vitamin D Deficiency Among Systemic Lupus Erythematosis Patients
  104. Continued Treatment For Lupus May Boost Survival Of Those Patients With End-Stage Kid
  105. interesting lupus research
  106. Statins Disappoint In Atherosclerosis Progression In Children With Lupus
  107. A Simpler System Would Make It Easier For Clinicians To Treat Kidney Problems In Lupu
  108. Although Atorvastatin Fails To Slow Progression Of Atherosclerosis In Pediatric Lupus
  109. XToll Completely Prevented Cutaneous Lupus In Animal Study
  110. Successful Pregnancy Outcomes For Most Women With Lupus
  111. Transportation And Childcare Difficulties Top Reasons For Missed Lupus Appointments
  112. Hemodialysis Therapy Preferred By Most Lupus Nephritis Patients With End-Stage Renal
  113. Study: Mycophenolate Is Superior To Azathioprine As Treatment For Lupus Nephritis
  114. DNA Sequence Discovered That Causes The Most Severe Cases Of Lupus
  115. Johns Hopkins Lupus Information
  116. Women With Rheumatoid Arthritis And Lupus Give Birth To Fewer Children
  117. Arthritis and Lupus Linked To Lower Birth Rates
  118. New Targets For Lupus Treatment Inspired By Body's Own Clearing Of Cell Debris
  119. 3 New Lupus Genes Discovered Through International Collaboration
  120. NICE reject Benlysta for UK Lupus Patients
  121. Lupus Nephritis - New Guidelines Issued
  122. Guidelines For Management Of Lupus Nephritis Issued By The American College Of Rheuma
  123. Jujubeee's Lupus Videos Thread
  124. Potentially useful info for Bladder Infection sufferers...
  125. Lupus and Overlap Diseases
  126. Increased Risk Of Lupus Possible Following Chronic Exposure To Staph Bacteria
  127. Exposure To Staph Bacteria Could Lead To Lupus
  128. Doctor taking me off Plaquenil
  129. Lupus Patients Benefit From The Power Of New Silicon Chip
  130. No Added Benefit Proven For Belimumab For Lupus Erythematosus
  131. Lupus Patients May Benefit From Vitamin D Supplements
  132. Lupus Increases Risk For Preeclampsia In Pregnancy
  133. Women With Lupus Have A Higher Risk For Preeclampsia
  134. Have Lupus? There's an App for that...
  135. The Impact Of Rheumatoid Arthritis And Lupus On Joint Replacement Surgery Outcomes
  136. Link Between Uranium Exposure And Increased Lupus Rate
  137. Lenalidomide Offers An Effective Alternative Treatment For Cutaneus Lupus Erythematos
  138. Sasha McHale dies of Lupus complications at age 23.
  139. No Significant Cancer Risk For Patients From Lupus Drugs
  140. Myeloma, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients May One Day Benefit From Research On Im
  141. Scientists Find A Key Element Of Lupus, Suggesting Better Drug Targets
  142. In Development - A Nanogel-Based Treatment For Lupus
  143. Dr Oz
  144. OGT Marks World Lupus Day With Announcement Of Novel Biomarker Panel To Support Earli
  145. Gene variants identifed that may cause kidney problems in lupus patients
  146. How DNA damage may trigger lupus erythematosus
  148. Lupus a greater risk for young, black women with more life-threatening complications
  149. Headaches in lupus patients not linked to disease activity study says
  150. Nontoxic therapy shows encouraging results in blood samples from lupus patients
  151. Generic Plaquenil
  152. Lupus patients may benefit from identification of targets of autoantibodies
  153. Wide disparities in diagnosis time for childhood lupus identified
  154. New hope for lupus screening and treatment
  155. Pregnancy complications in lupus patients may be prevented by malaria drug combo
  156. Function restored in T cells from lupus patients by targetting lipid metabolism
  157. Class, ancestry and medication are factors in cardiac risk for lupus patients
  158. Stopping immunosuppressants in lupus: new guidance on how and when
  159. Lupus exacerbated when Anti-dsDNA, surface-expressed TLR4 and endosomal TLR9 cooperat
  160. In the quest for safer treatment for systemic lupus erythematosus
  161. 1 in 6 lupus patients readmitted to the hospital within a month of discharge
  162. Misdiagnosis common in rheumatologic diseases like lupus
  163. Personalised medicine for lupus
  164. Harnessing the power of lupus antibodies for use in targeted cancer therapy
  165. Invasive kidney biopsy for lupus patients may be replaced by math model
  166. Plant-derived compound 'may effectively treat lupus with fewer side effects'
  167. Potential treatment for lupus with more natural compounds that have fewer side effect
  168. Study suggests altering gut bacteria might mitigate lupus
  169. Multidrug, multitarget regimen results in higher remission rates for lupus nephritis
  170. Asian and Hispanic lupus patients have lower mortality rates
  171. Lower mortality rates among Asian and Hispanic lupus patients
  172. University of Florida researchers say lupus treatment shows early promise
  173. Study identifies protein that triggers lupus-associated immune system activation
  174. Breakthrough opens door to safer lupus drugs
  175. Women with lupus and APS at risk of reduced fertility and pregnancy complications