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  39. hey everyone im new to this!!
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  56. Hi All Newbie here my partner was diagnosed in April 2011
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  70. I just miss how it used to be.
  71. ...one year later...
  72. Merry Christmas!
  73. Has anyone tried a T.E.N.S unit for alternate pain relief?
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  75. Hi all Im back
  76. Married to my wife for 8 years, she was diagnosed with Lupus 2 years ago
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  81. Best Medical facility or team of doctors needed immediately (All of USA is acceptable
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  88. I have every symtom but blood work came back normal
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  90. Biopsy results!!!!
  91. Mom has lupus, I'm at a loss on how to support and help her. Advice appreciated!
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  94. I just wish her lupus would be healed for good
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